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Crimes against international students in Australia

74 Leichhardt Street, Griffith ACT
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 26 October 2011

Dr Adam M Tomison

Presentation overview

Director Adam Tomison

A series of media reports of attacks on Indian students in 2009 led to growing concern over the safety of international students in Australia. In response to these concerns, the Australian Institute of Criminology sought to quantify the nature and extent to which Indian students were the victims of crime compared with other international student groups and the Australian population. Data for over 400,000 student visa holders from the five countries with the largest student populations living in Australia between 2005 and 2009—India, the People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea (South Korea), the United States and Malaysia – was matched with crimes recorded in Australian state and territory police agencies’ databases. The objective was to compare the student victimisation rates against Australian reference populations in each jurisdiction and against each of the five country samples for the three broad offence categories – ‘assaults’ ‘robberies’ and ‘other theft’. The findings of this study, its limitations and implications will be discussed in this presentation.

Dr Adam M Tomison was appointed Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology in July 2009. He is internationally recognised as an expert in the field of child abuse, the prevention of child abuse and other family violence, and the development and operation of child protection and family support systems. An experienced public service executive, he has worked over the past two decades with a range of government, non-government organisations and advocacy groups focused on violence prevention in Australia and overseas. Dr Tomison has made significant academic contributions to scholarly and applied research in the areas of child protection and violence prevention, and was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the Australian Catholic University in 2010.