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Alcohol and violence: February 2014

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Journal articles

  • 'Everyone can loosen up and get a bit of a buzz on' : young adults, alcohol and friendship practices
    International journal of drug policy 24(6) Nov 2013: 530-537
  • Intimate partner violence victimization and alcohol consumption in women : a systematic review and meta-analysis / Karen M Devries, Jennifer C Child, Loraine J Bacchus, Joelle Mak, Gail Falder, Kathryn Graham, Charlotte Watts and Lori Heise
    Addiction 109(3) Mar 2014: 379-391
  • Preventing alcohol harm : early results from a cluster randomised, controlled trial in Victoria, Australia of comprehensive harm minimisation school drug education / Richard Midford, Johanna Mitchell, Leanne Lester, Helen Cahill, David R Foxcroft, Robyn Ramsden, Lynne Venning and Michelle Pose
    International journal of drug policy 25(1) Jan 2014: 142-150
  • Real or perceived impediments to minimum pricing of alcohol in Australia : public opinion, the industry and the law / Jenny Chalmers, Natacha Carragher, Sondra Davoren and Paula O'Brien
    International journal of drug policy 24(6) Nov 2013: 517-523
  • The role of off-licence outlets in binge drinking : a survey of drinking practices last Saturday night among young adults in Australia / Rebecca McKetin, Michael Livingston, Jenny Chalmers and David A Bright
    Drug and alcohol review 33(1) Jan 2013: 51-58