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Alcohol and violence: March 2014

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Journal articles

  • Action on alcohol-fuelled violence / Scott Weber
    New South Wales police news 94(3) Mar 2014: 3
  • Alcohol and violence : what really works / Peter G Miller, Nicolas Droste, Sandra Jones and Michael Livingston
    Of substance 12(1) Mar 2014: 16-21
  • Alcohol, masculinity, honour and male barroom aggression in an Australian sample / Peter G Miller, Samantha Wells, Rhianna Hobbs, Lucy Zinkiewicz, Ashlee Curtis and Kathryn Graham
    Drug and alcohol review 33(2) Mar 2014: 136-143
  • Anti-violence laws in force / Ava Benny-Morrison and Toby Mann
    New South Wales police news 94(3) Mar 2014: 11
  • Perceptions on the role of evidence : an English alcohol policy case study / Paul Toner, Charlie Lloyd, Betsy Thom, Susanne. MacGregor, Christine Godfrey, Rachel Herring and Jordan Tchilingirian
    Evidence and policy 10(1) Jan 2014: 93-112
  • The Thomas Kelly case : why a 'one punch' law is not the answer / Julia Quilter
    Criminal law journal 38(1) 2014: 16-37
  • Underage drinking in the UK : changing trends, impact and interventions : a rapid evidence synthesis / Christine Healey, Atif Rahman, Mohammad Faizal and Peter Kinderman
    International journal of drug policy 25(1) Jan 2014: 124-132
  • Which alcohol control strategies do young people think are effective? / De Visser. Richard O, Angie Hart, Charles Abraham, Anjum Memon, Rebecca Graber and Tom Scanlon
    Drug and alcohol review 33(2) Mar 2014: 144-151