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Alcohol and violence: August 2014

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Journal articles

  • Combined alcohol and energy drink use : motivations as predictors of consumption patterns, risk of alcohol dependence, and experience of injury and aggression / Nicolas Droste, Lorraine Tonner, Lucy Zinkiewicz, Amy Pennay, Dan I Lubman and Peter G Miller
    Alcoholism : clinical and experimental research 38(7) Jul 2014: 2087-2095
  • Directional relationships between alcohol use and antisocial behavior across adolescence / Seung-Bin Cho, Jon Heron, Fazil Aliev, Jessica E Salvatore, Glyn Lewis, John Macleod, Matthew Hickman, Barbara Maughan, Kenneth S Kendler and Danielle M Dick
    Alcoholism : clinical and experimental research 38(7) Jul 2014: 2024-2033
  • Is the lockout legislation reducing alcohol-fuelled violence on Hindley St?
    Police journal (South Australia). Aug 2014:25
  • Mandatory sentences can't deliver justice or stop one-punch killings / John L Anderson
    The conversation. 22 Aug 2014:[4, iii] p
  • Profile and programming needs of federal offenders with histories of intimate partner violence / Lynn A Stewart and Jenelle Power
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(15) Oct 2014: 2723-2747
  • Young women's risk of sexual aggression in bars : the roles of intoxication and peer social status / Kathryn Graham, Sharon Bernards, Antonia Abbey, Tara Dumas and Samantha Wells
    Drug and alcohol review 33(4) Jul 2014: 393-400