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Alcohol and violence: October 2014

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Journal articles

  • Addressing male violence at night requires a cultural shift / Kate Fitz-Gibbon
    The conversation. 27 Oct 2014:[4] p
  • Adulthood animal abuse among men arrested for domestic violence / Jeniimarie Febres, Hope Brasfield, Ryan C Shorey, Joanna Elmquist, Andrew Ninnemann, Yael C Schonbrun, Jeff R Temple, Patricia R Recupero and Gregory L Stuart
    Violence against women 20(9) Sep 2014:
  • Australian community justice files / Maggie Hall
    British journal of community justice 12(2) Summer 2014: 95-98
  • Barriers and enablers to the provision of alcohol treatment among Aboriginal Australians : a thematic review of five research projects / Dennis Gray, Mandy Wilson, Steve Allsop, Sherry Saggers, Edward Wilkes and Coralie Ober
    Drug and alcohol review 33(5) Sep 2014: 482-490
  • Better methods to collect self-reported alcohol and other drug use data from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians / Kim San Kylie Lee, Tanya Chikritzhs, Edward Wilkes, Dennis Gray, Robin Room and Katherine M Conigrave
    Drug and alcohol review 33(5) Sep 2014: 466-472
  • Gender, alcohol and intimate partner violence : qualitative comparative study / Marja Holmila, Franca Beccaria, Akan Ibanga, Kathryn Graham, Siri Hettige, Raquel Magri, Myriam Munne, Moira. Plant, Sara Rolando and Nazarius Tumwesigye
    Drugs : education, prevention and policy 21(5) Oct 2014: 398-407
  • Off-premise alcohol outlet characteristics and violence / Aleksandra J Snowden and William Alex Pridemore
    American journal of drug and alcohol abuse 40(4) 2014: 327-335
  • The dark side of social support : understanding the role of social support, drinking behaviors and alcohol outlets for child physical abuse / Bridget Freisthler, Megan R Holmes and Jennifer Price Wolf
    Child abuse and neglect 38(6) Jun 2014: 1106-1119