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Alcohol and violence: November 2014

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Journal articles

  • A randomized controlled trial of brief motivational interviewing in impaired driving recidivists : a 5-year follow-up of traffic offenses and crashes / Marie Claude Ouimet, Maurice Dongier, Ivana Di Leo, Lucie Legault, Jacques Tremblay, Florence Chanut and Thomas G Brown
    Alcoholism : clinical and experimental research 37(11) Nov 2013: 1979-1985
  • Alcohol and violence in the emergency room : a review and perspectives from psychological and social sciences / Oulmann Zerhouni, Laurent Begue, Georges Brousse, Francoise Carpentier, Maurice Dematteis, Lucie Pennel, Joel Swendsen and Cheryl J Cherpitel
    International journal of environmental research and public health vol. 10 2013:
  • Childhood abuse and neglect and transitions in stages of alcohol involvement among women : a latent transition analysis approach / Lareina N La Flair, Beth A Reboussin, Carla L Storr, Elizabeth J Letourneau, Kerry M Green, Ramin Mojtabai, Lauren R Pacek, Anika A H Alvanzo, Bernadette Cullen and Rosa M Crum
    Drug and alcohol dependence 132(3) Oct 2013: 491-498
  • Cross-sectional prevalence survey of intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization in Canadian military personnel / Mark A Zamorski and Miriam E Wiens-Kinkaid
    BMC public health 13(1019) 2013: 1-18
  • Factors associated with physical aggression in pregnant women and adverse outcomes for the newborn / Elaine Fernandes Viellas, Silvana Granado Nogueria da Gama, Marcia Lazaro de Carvalho and Liana Wernersbach Pinot
    Journal of pediatrics 89(1) 2013: 83-90
  • Is youth violence temporally related to alcohol? A time-series analysis of binge drinking, youth violence and total alcohol consumption in Sweden / Johan Svensson and Jonas Landberg
    Alcohol and alcoholism 48(5) Jun 2013: 598-604
  • On the pervasiveness of event-specific alcohol use, general substance use, and mental health problems as risk factors for intimate partner violence / Jennifer M Reingle, Wesley G Jennings, Nadine M Connell, Michael S Businelle and Karen Chartier
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(16) Nov 2014: 2951-2970
  • Rape, consent and intoxication : a legal practitioner's perspective / Joe Stone
    Alcohol and alcoholism 48(4) May 2013: 384-385
  • Responsibility without legal authority? Tackling alcohol-related health harms through licensing and planning policy in local government / F P Martineau, H Graff, C Mitchell and K Lock
    Journal of public health 36(3) Aug 2014: 435-442
  • The relationship between the density of alcohol outlets and parental supply of alcohol to adolescents / Bosco Rowland, John Winston Toumbourou, Lata Satyen, Michael Livingston and Joanne Williams
    Addictive behaviors 39(12) Dec 2014: 1898-1903
  • The role of natural medicine in public health : alcohol and violence in Australia / Anna Moon
    Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society 20(2) Winter 2014: 126-129
  • The Social Health Intervention Project (SHIP) : protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of a brief motivational intervention for problem drinking and intimate partner violence in an urban emergency department / Karin V Rhodes, Melissa Rodgers, Marilyn Sommers, Alexandra Hanlon and Paul Crits-Christoph
    BMC emergency medicine 14(10) 2014: 1-13
  • The temporal association between substance use and intimate partner violence among women arrested for domestic violence / Gregory L Stuart, Todd M Moore, Sara R Elkins, Timothy J O'Farrell, Jeff R Temple, Susan Ramsey and Ryan C Shorey
    Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 81(4) Aug 2013: 1-18