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Alcohol and violence: January 2015

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Alcohol and violence


Journal articles

  • A two-way street for alcohol use and partner violence : who's driving it? / Sherry Lipsky, Mary A Kernic, Qian Qiu, Catherine Wright and Deborah S Hasin
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 815-828
  • Alcohol fuelled violence in Tasmania / Police Association of Tasmania
    Police Association of Tasmania news website. 17 Nov 2014:[3] p
  • Geographies of exclusion : street drinking, gentrification and contests over public space / Amy Pennay, Elizabeth Manton and Michael Savic
    International journal of drug policy 25(6) Nov 2014: 1084-1093
  • The pursuit of exclusion through zonal banning / Darren Palmer and Ian Warren
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(3) Dec 2014: 429-446
  • Young Australian adults' beliefs about alcohol's role in sexual aggression and victimisation / Louise C Starfelt, Ross McD Young, Gavan R M Palk and Katherine M White
    Culture, health and sexuality 17(1) 2015: 104-118