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Alcohol and violence: February 2015

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Journal articles

  • Age at first use of alcohol predicts the risk of heavy alcohol use in early adulthood : a longitudinal study in the United States / Wenbin Liang and Tanya Chikritzhs
    International journal of drug policy 26(2) Feb 2015: 131-134
  • Alcohol intoxicated eyewitnesses' memory of intimate partner violence / Malin Hildebrand Karlen, Emma Roos af Hjelmsater, Claudia Fahlke, Par Anders Granhag and Anna Soderpalm Gordh
    Psychology, crime and law 21(1/2) Jan/Feb 2015: 156-171
  • Applying an Alcohol Brief Intervention (ABI) model to the community justice setting : learning from a pilot project / Kate Skellington Orr, Andrew McAuley, Lesley Graham and Shirley McCoard
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 15(1) Feb 2015: 83-101
  • Childhood trauma and risky alcohol consumption : a study of Australian adults with low housing stability / Carol Keane, Christopher A Magee and Jeong Kyu Lee
    Drug and alcohol review 34(1) Jan 2015: 18-26
  • Developing an alcohol policy assessment toolkit : application in the western Pacific / Natacha Carragher, Joshua M Byrnes, Christopher M Doran and Anthony P Shakeshaft
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization 92(10) Oct 2014: 697-772
  • Realist methodology in practice : translational findings from two realist syntheses / Shane Boris Pointing
    Learning communities : international journal of learning in social contexts no. 14 Sep 2014: 60-80
  • Risk profiles for early adolescents who regularly use alcohol and other drugs compared with older youth / Sarah J MacLean, Jozica J Kutin, David Best, Andrew Bruun and Rachael Green
    Vulnerable children and youth studies 9(1) 2014: 17-27
  • Social desirability and partner agreement of men's reporting of intimate partner violence in substance abuse treatment settings / Andrew J Freeman, Julie A Schumacher and Scott F Coffey
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(4) Feb 2015: 565-579
  • The implementation and development of complex alcohol control policies in Indigenous communities in Queensland (Australia) / Alan R Clough and Katrina Bird
    International journal of drug policy. 15 Jan 2015:[27] p
  • The prevalence of alcohol-involved homicide offending : a meta-analytic review / Joseph B Kuhns, M Lyn Exum, Tammatha A Clodfelter and Martha Cecilia Bottia
    Homicide studies 18(3) Aug 2014: 251-270