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Alcohol and violence: March 2015

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Breaking the cycle / Mandi Santic
    Police life : the Victoria Police magazine. Autumn 2015:8-9
  • Changes in the associations of heavy drinking and drug use with intimate partner violence in early adulthood / Alan Feingold, Isaac J Washburn, Stacey S Tiberio and Deborah M Capaldi
    Journal of family violence 30(1) Jan 2015: 27-34
  • FactCheck : can you change a violent drinking culture by changing how people drink? / Peter G Miller and Alex D Wodak
    The conversation. 10 Mar 2015:[5] p
  • Populism and criminal justice policy : an Australian case study of non-punitive responses to alcohol-related violence / Julia Quilter
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 48(1) Mar 2015: 24-52
  • Specific deterrence community context, and drunk driving : an event history analysis / Chang-Bae Lee and Raymond H C Jr Teske
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(3) Mar 2015: 230-258