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Alcohol and violence: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • Changes in the prevalence and nature of violent crime by youth in Victoria, Australia / Nina Papalia, Stuart D M Thomas, Hannah Ching and Michael Daffern
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 213-223
  • Child and domestic abuse in Indigenous communities 'chronically undisclosed' / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 30 Mar 2015:[4] p
  • Delinquency and alcohol use among adolescents in Europe : the role of cultural contexts / Uberto Gatti, Renate Soellner, Astrid-Britta Braker, Alfredo Verde and Gabriele Rocca
    European journal of criminology 12(3) May 2015: 363-377
  • Heavy drinking ensnares adolescents into crime in early adulthood / Jessica M Craig, Robert G Morris, Alex R Piquero and David P Farrington
    Journal of criminal justice 43(2) Mar/Apr 2015: 142-151
  • NSW ranked 1st in RBT
    New South Wales police news 95(5) May 2015: 15
  • The party line
    New Zealand Police Association police news 48(4) May 2015: 4-5