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Child abuse and protection: January 2014

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Book chapters

  • Cultural issues and child maltreatment : challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2013
  • International perspectives on child sexual abuse
    Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2013
  • Monitoring and evaluating community-based interventions for children and families in the Asia-Pacific region
    Jaypee Brothers Medical publishers, 2013

Journal articles

  • 13th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect / Adam M Tomison
    The LINK newsletter (ISPCAN) 22(3) Dec 2013: 4
  • A case series of twenty one maternal filicides in the UK / Amy McKee and Vincent Egan
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 753-761
  • A developmental approach to the risk of a first recurrence in child protective services / Sonia Helie, Catherine Laurier, Catherine Pineau-Villeneuve and Marie-Noele Royer
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1132-1141
  • Alarm at adoption move / Sharynne Hamilton and Valerie Braithwaite
    Koori Mail no. 567 15 Jan 2014: 25
    Summary: Discusses the need for Aboriginal communities and families to be included in consultation and decision-making processes regarding child protection issues, especially with possibility of 'open' adoption proposal for children in care
  • An overview of current initiatives to improve child witness interviews about sexual abuse / Martine B Powell
    Current issues in criminal justice 25(2) Nov 2013: 711-720
  • Child protection law and practice in the Northern Territory and implications for the court / Hilary Hannam
    Journal of judicial administration 22(3) 2013: 146-153
  • Child sexual abuse prevention education : a review of school policy and curriculum provision in Australia / Kerryann M Walsh, Donna Berthelsen, Jan M Nicholson, Leisa Brandon, Judyann Stevens and Jerome N Rachele
    Oxford review of education 39(5) 2013: 649-680
  • Child sexual assault : risk factors for girls / Amy C Butler
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 643-652
  • Childhood sexual victimization, pedophilic interest, and sexual recidivism / Kevin L Nunes, Chantal A Hermann, J Renee Malcom and Kayla Lavoie
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 703-711
  • Children and family violence : finding the right response / Cathy Humphreys
    Insight no. 9 2014: 40-42
  • Children of prisoners : 'collateral damage'? / Catherine Flynn and Melanie Field-Pimm
    Insight no. 9 2014: 44-45
  • Commentary on Canadian child maltreatment data / Lil Tonmyr, Wendy E Hovdestad and Jasminka Draca
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(1) Jan 2014: 186-197
  • Elementary teachers' knowledge of legislative and policy duties for reporting child sexual abuse / Kerryann M Walsh, Benjamin P Mathews, Mehdi Rassafiani, Ann Farrell and Desmond A Butler
    The elementary school journal 114(2) Dec 2013: 178-199
  • Exposing the dangers of strangers online
    Blueprint no. 3 2013: 32-33
  • Fatal child maltreatment : characteristics of deaths from physical abuse versus neglect / Amy Damashek, Melanie McDiarmid Nelson and Barbara L Bonner
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 735-744
  • Fighting crime with mobile forensics / Holly Gilbert
    Security management 57(12 Sep) Dec 2013: 30-31
  • Intimate partner violence in the family : considerations for children's safety / Harriet L MacMillan, C Nadine Wathen and Colleen M Varcoe
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1186-1191
  • Koori kids in care : creating another stolen generation / Marie McInerney and Andrew Jackomos
    Insight no. 9 2014: 8-10
  • Little girl lost / Trent Dalton
    Weekend Australian magazine. 02/03 Feb 2013:10-12 + [2] p
  • Misconceptions or expert evidence in child sexual assault trials : enhancing justice and jurors' 'common sense' / Annie Cossins and Jane Goodman-Delahunty
    Journal of judicial administration 22(4) 2013: 171-190
  • Multi-type maltreatment and polyvictimisation : a comparison of two research frameworks / Rhys Price-Robertson, Daryl J Higgins and Suzanne Vassallo
    Family matters no. 93 2013: 84-98
  • Parenting behavior and the risk of becoming a victim and a bully/victim : a meta-analysis study / Suzet Tanya Lereya, Muthanna Samara and Dieter Wolke
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1091-1108
  • Polyvictimization and victimization of children and youth : results from a populational survey / Katie Cyr, Claire Chamberland, Marie-Eve Clement, Genevieve Lessard, Jo-Anne M Wemmers, Delphine Collin-Vezina, Marie-Helene Gagne and Dominique Damant
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 814-820
  • Protecting children in the context of international migration / Jill McLeigh
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1056-1068
  • PTSD symptoms in young children exposed to intimate partner violence / Alytia A Levendosky, G Anne Bogat and Cecilia Martinez-Torteya
    Violence against women 19(2) Feb 2013: 187-201
  • Role of the medical community in detecting and managing child abuse / R Kim Oates
    Medical journal of Australia 200(1) 20 Jan 2014: 7-8
  • Roman Catholic clergy who have sexually abused children : their perceptions of their developmental experience / Paul D'Alton, Michael Guilfoyle and Patrick Randall
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 698-702
  • Telling tales : child migration and child trafficking / Julia O'Connell Davidson
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1069-1079
  • Test balloons? Small signs of big events : a qualitative study on circumstances facilitating adults' awareness of children's first signs of sexual abuse / Anna Margrete Flam and Eli Haugstvedt
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 633-642
  • The cruellest revenge / Anthony Loncaric
    Police life : the Victoria Police magazine. Summer 2014:24-25
  • The ghosts of the past / James Swift
    Juvenile justice information exchange. 08 January 2014:
    Summary: The article interviews former residents from the 1950s Florida Department of Corrections
  • The impact of childhood maltreatment on PTSD symptoms among female survivors of intimate partner violence / Robyn L Gobin, Katherine M Iverson, Karen Mitchell, Rachel Vaughn and Patricia A Resick
    Violence and victims 28(6) 2013: 984-999
  • The murder of Carly Ryan
    Blueprint no. 3 2013: 26-31
  • The narratives of abused children who have survived attempted filicide / Carmit Katz
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 762-770
  • The prevalence and impact of child maltreatment and other types of victimization in the UK : findings from a population survey of caregivers, children and young people and young adults / Lorraine Radford, Susana Corral, Christine Bradley and Helen Fisher
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 801-813
  • The prevalence of child maltreatment in the Netherlands across a 5-year period / Saskia Euser, Lenneke R A Alink, Fieke Pannebakker, Ton Vogels, Marian J Bakermans-Kranenburg and M H Van IJzendoorn
    Child abuse and neglect 37(10) Oct 2013: 841-851
  • Understanding the decline in unwanted online sexual solicitations for US youth 2000-2010 : findings from three youth internet safety surveys / Kimberly J Mitchell, Lisa M Jones, David Finkelhor and Janis Wolak
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1225-1236
  • Vulnerability and complexity : time to act on what we know / Marg Hamley
    Insight no. 9 2014: 8-10
  • What happened when a mum forgot her baby was in the car / Patrick Carlyon
    Herald Sun no. 25 Jan 2014 2014: [7] p
  • Young children's knowledge and skills related to sexual abuse prevention : a pilot study in Beijing, China / Wenjing Zhang, Jingqi Chen, Yanan Feng, Jingyi Li, Xiaoxia Zhao and Xiaoling Luo
    Child abuse and neglect 37(9) Sep 2013: 623-630