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Child abuse and protection: July 2014

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Journal articles

  • Balancing between social work and prosecution : a study of disciplinary violence reported to the police / Anna Heinonen
    European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice 22(3) 2014: 281-310
  • Child maltreatment fatalities related to inadequate caregiver supervision / Amy Damashek, Sabrina Drass and Barbara L Bonner
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(11) Jul 2014: 1987-2001
  • Child protection matters in the Northern Territory / Nicholas Petrie and Louise Kruger
    Alternative law journal 39(2) 2014: 104-109
  • Children's reporting patterns after witnessing homicidal violence : the effect of repeated experience and repeated interviews / Azade Azad, Sven-Ake Christianson and Heidi Selenius
    Psychology, crime and law 20(5/6) Jun/Jul 2014: 407-429
  • Counterblast : putting serious case reviews in their place : what we really need to understand about child homicide / Elizabeth Yardley
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 53(3) Jul 2014: 309-313
  • Culturally appropriate tools needed to tackle FASD / Lynn Roarty
    Drug and alcohol research connections. Jul 2014:[4] p
  • Our kids at greater risk
    Koori Mail no. 580 16 Jul 2014: 3
  • Policing 'sexting' : responsibilization, respectability and sexual subjectivity in child protection / crime prevention responses to teenagers' digital sexual expression / Lara Karaian
    Theoretical criminology 18(3) 2014: 282-299
  • Sexual orientation, child abuse, and intimate partner violence victimization / Maria D H Koeppel and Leana Allan Bouffard
    Violence and victims 29(3) 2014: 436-450
  • The Halls Creek way of residential child care : protecting children is everyone's business / Kylie A Hodgkins, Frances R Crawford and William R Budiselik
    Children Australia 38(2) 2013: 61-69
  • Working with children checks : time to step back? / Clare Tilbury
    Australian journal of social issues 49(1) 2014: 87-100