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Child abuse and protection: August 2014

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Journal articles

  • A new model for seeking meaningful redress for victims of church-related sexual assault / John Ellis and Nicola Ellis
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 31-41
  • Anger-related dysregulation as a factor linking childhood physical abuse and interparental violence to intimate partner violence experiences / Katherine M Iverson, Katie A McLaughlin, Kathryn C Adair and Candice M Monson
    Violence and victims 29(4) 2014: 564-578
  • Are the collateral consequences of being a registered sex offender as bad as we think? A methodological research note / Sarah W Craun and David M Bierie
    Federal probation 78(1) Jun 2014: 28-31
  • Child sexual abuse and the churches : a story of moral failure? / Patrick N Parkinson
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 119-138
  • Church's moral failure on trial at the Royal Commission / Kathleen McPhillips
    The conversation. 26 Aug 2014:[4, xiii] p
  • Conceptualising responses to institutional abuse of children / Kathleen Daly
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 5-29
  • Data needs in child maltreatment response / Graham V Vimpani
    Medical journal of Australia 201(3) 04 Aug 2014: 126-127
  • Emotional dysregulation and negative affect mediate the relationship between maternal history of child maltreatment and maternal child abuse potential / Ami L Smith, Dorthie Cross, Jennifer Winkler, Tanja Jovanovic and Bekh Bradley
    Journal of family violence 29(5) Jul 2014: 483-494
  • Examining key design decisions involved in developing a serious game for child sexual abuse prevention / Colleen Stieler-Hunt, Christian M Jones, Ben Rolfe and Kay Pozzebon
    Frontiers in psychology 5(73) 04 Feb 2014: 10 p
  • Fears held for our kids' future / Rudi Maxwell
    Koori Mail no. 581 30 Jul 2014: 6 + [2] p
  • Gender differences in the context and consequences of child sexual abuse / Judy Cashmore and Rita Shackel
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 75-105
  • Historical child sexual abuse investigations : a case for law reform / Michael Newbury
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 43-54
  • How youth-serving organizations enable acquaintance molesters / Patrick Boyle
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(15) Oct 2014: 2839-2848
  • 'I just keep my antennae out' : how rural primary care physicians respond to intimate partner violence / Jennifer S McCall-Hosenfeld, Carol S Weisman, Amanda N Perry, Marianne M Hillemeier and Cynthia H Chuang
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(14) Sep 2014: 2670-2694
  • 'I wish the hitting would stop ...' An assessment of a domestic violence education program for elementary students / Thorvald O Dahle and Carol A Archbold
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(13) Sep 2014: 2497-2508
  • Is this our worst serial killer : or is she innocent? / Nikki Barrowclough
    Marie Claire (Yahoo!7 lifestyle). 28 Aug 2014:[7] p
  • Mother-child communication about sexual abuse prevention / Kerryann M Walsh, Leisa Brandon and Lisa Chirio
    Journal of child sexual abuse 21(4) 2012: 399-421
  • Opening up the family courts in the name of public interest, but at what cost? / Zach Leggett
    Journal of criminal law 78(3) June 2014: 202-206
  • Responding to historical child sexual abuse : a prosecution perspective on current challenges and future directions / Kara Shead
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 55-73
  • Responding to historical child sexual abuse and the needs of survivors / Judy Cashmore and Rita Shackel
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 1-4
  • Reviewing lessons on school safety / Mark Tarallo
    Security management 58(8) Aug 2014: 37-44
    Summary: Discusses schools defending against potential active-shooter situations with training sessions, physical security improvements, and programs addressing root causes
  • The effect of delay on historical child sex abuse cases : commentary on the Irish experience / Yvonne Murphy
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(1) Jul 2014: 105-118
  • The effects of using identity deception and suggesting secrecy on the outcomes of adult-adult and adult-child or - adolescent online sexual interactions / Emilia Bergen, Julia C Davidson, Anja Schulz, Petya Schuhmann, Ada Johansson, Pekka Santtila and Patrick Jern
    Victims and offenders 9(3) Jul/Sep 2014: 276-298
  • The Halls Creek way of residential child care : protecting children is everyone's business / Kylie A Hodgkins, Frances R Crawford and William R Budiselik
    Children Australia 38(2) 2013: 61-69
  • 'This is about me' : feasibility findings from the children's component of an IPV intervention for justice-involved families / Dania M Ermentrout, Cynthia F Rizo and Rebecca J Macy
    Violence against women 20(6) Jun 2014: 653-676
  • Trends in hospital admissions for conditions associated with child maltreatment, Northern Territory, 1999-2010 / Steven L Guthridge, Philip Ryan, John R Condon, John R Moss and John Lynch
    Medical journal of Australia 201(3) 04 Aug 2014: 162-166