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Child abuse and protection: December 2014

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Journal articles

  • A public health response to data interoperability to prevent child maltreatment / Loc H Nguyen
    American journal of public health 104(11) 2014: 2043-2048
  • Adults surviving child abuse : the work of the Royal Commission / Peter McClellan
    Judicial officers' bulletin 26(11) Dec 2014: 95-98
  • Attorneys' questions and children's productivity in child sexual abuse criminal trials / J Zoe Klemfuss, Jodi Quas and Thomas D Lyon
    Applied cognitive psychology vol. 28 2014: 780-788
  • Child abuse and the dynamics of silence / Warwick Middleton, Pam Stavropoulos, Christa Kruger, Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, Alfonso Martinez-Taboas, Vedat Sar and Bethany Brand
    Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry 48(6) 2014: 581-583
  • Child maltreatment and trauma exposure among deaf and hard of hearing young adults / Lindsay S Schenkel, Gail Rothman-Marshall, Deirdre A Schlehofer, Terra L Towne, Danielle L Burnash and Brittney M Priddy
    Child abuse and neglect 38(10) Oct 2014: 1581-1589
  • Child maltreatment rates assessed in a national household survey of caregivers and youth / David Finkelhor, Jennifer Vanderminden, Heather Turner, Sherry Hamby and Anne Shattuck
    Child abuse and neglect 38(9) Sep 2014: 1421-1435
  • Child protection : how to keep vulnerable kids with their families / Aron Shlonsky and Robyn Mildon
    The conversation. 31 Oct 2014:[6] p
  • How I got started : drawn into the life of crime : learning from, by, and for child victims and witnesses / Michael E Lamb
    Applied cognitive psychology vol. 28 2014: 607-611
  • How was 'improper conduct' at the Inland Mission buried for so long? / Christine Brett Vickers
    The conversation. 31 Oct 2014:[6] p
  • Improving collaboration : a qualitative assessment of interagency collaboration between a pilot Multisystemic Therapy Child Abuse and Neglect (MST-CAN) program and a child protection team / Sarah Hebert, William Bor, Cynthia Cupit Swenson and Christopher Boyle
    Australasian psychiatry 22(2) 2014: 370-373
  • It was torture / Brett Williams
    Police journal (South Australia). Dec 2014:10-20
  • Maintaining unlawful sexual relationships / Andrew M West
    Queensland lawyer 33(1) 2013: 10-14
  • Mothers who murdered their child : an attachment-based study on filicide / Lavinia Barone, Alessandra Bramante, Francesca Lionetti and Massimiliano Pastore
    Child abuse and neglect 38(9) Sep 2014: 1468-1477
  • Public attitudes towards penalties for sexting by minors / Carianne Blyth and Lynne D Roberts
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(2) Nov 2014: 143-158
  • Rethinking filicide / Peter Sidebotham
    Child abuse review 22(5) Sep/Oct 2013: 305-310
  • Role in prevention of infant and child sexual abuse / Yvette Florence Strawbridge
    Australian nursing and midwifery journal 21(8) 2014: 51-52
  • The impact of question type and empathy on police interviews with suspects of homicide, filicide and child sexual abuse / Gavin Oxburgh, James Ost, Paul Morris and Julie Cherryman
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(6) Dec 2014: 903-917