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Child abuse and protection: January 2015

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Journal articles

  • A brief discussion about measuring child molester cognition with the sex with children scale / Jamie Walton, Simon Duff and Shihning Chou
    Child abuse review. 2014:1-12
  • Abuse against children with disabilities
    WWDA news no. 4 2012: 20
  • An evaluation of Hawaii's Healthy Start program using child abuse hospitalization data / Betsy Dew and Gail F Breakey
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 893-900
  • Are childhood abuse and neglect related to age of first homelessness episode among currently homeless adults? / Marissa Y Mar, Isabelle A Linden, Iris Torchalla, Kathy Li and Michael Krausz
    Violence and victims 29(6) 2014: 999-1013
  • Attention to the neglected : prospects for research on child neglect for the next decade / Cheryl Anne Boyce and Valerie Maholmes
    Child maltreatment 18(1) 2013: 65-68
  • Child abuse intervention : reporting protocols in the New Zealand health sector / Louisa Jackson
    Victoria University of Wellington law review 44(1) 2013: 17-61
  • Child maltreatment and educational attainment in young adulthood : results from the Ontario Child Health Study / Masako Tanaka, Katholiki Georgiades, Michael Boyle and Harriet L MacMillan
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(2) Jan 2015: 195-214
  • Child maltreatment, trauma-related psychopathology, and eyewitness memory in children and adolescents / Kelly McWilliams, Latonya S Harris and Gail S Goodman
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 702-717
  • Child neglect and the development of externalizing behavior problems : associations with maternal drug dependence and neighborhood crime / Jody Todd Manly, Assaf Oshri, Michael J Lynch, Margaret Herzog and Sanne Wortel
    Child maltreatment 18(1) 2013: 17-29
  • Do the long-term consequences of neglect differ for children of different races and ethnic backgrounds? / Cathy Spatz Widom, Sally J Czaja, Helen W Wilson, Maureen A Allwood and Preeti Chauhan
    Child maltreatment 18(1) 2013: 42-55
  • Examination of illicit drug use frequency using multiple drug assessment methods in mothers referred to treatment by Child Protective Services / Brad Donohue, Jason M Holland, Karen Lopez, Jessica Urgelles and Daniel N Allen
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 911-919
  • Extent and nature of child maltreatment-related fatalities : implications for policy and practice / Jennifer Sheldon-Sherman, Dee Wilson and Susan Smith
    Child welfare 92(2) 2013: 41-58
  • Fatal families : why children are killed in familicide occurrences / Sharon Mailloux
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 921-926
  • Maternal and paternal filicide : case studies from the Australian Homicide Project / Li Eriksson, Paul Mazerolle, Richard Wortley and Holly Johnson
    Child abuse review. 10 Dec 2014:14 p
  • On being realistic about reducing the prevalence and impacts of youth sexual violence and abuse in two Australian Indigenous communities / Nick Tilley, Susan (Sue) Rayment-McHugh, Stephen W Smallbone, Martina Wardell, Martina Wardell, Dimity Smith, Richard Wortley, Donald Findlater, Anna L Stewart and Ross Homel
    Learning communities : international journal of learning in social contexts no. 14 Sep 2014: 6-27
  • Online child exploitation : challenges and future research directions / Henry Hillman, Christopher Hooper and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
    Computer law and security review 30(6) 2014: 687-698
  • Police officers' perceptions of interviews in cases of sexual offences and murder involving children and adult victims / Gavin Oxburgh, James Ost, Paul Morris and Julie Cherryman
    Police practice and research 16(1) Feb 2015: 36-50
  • Potential and perils of the early years : the need to integrate violence prevention and early child development (ECD+) / Patricia Lannen and Maya Ziswiler
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 625-628
  • Prosecutors' perspectives on using recorded child witness interviews about abuse as evidence-in-chief / Kimberlee Shannon Burrows and Martine B Powell
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(3) Dec 2014: 374-390
  • Protecting unborn and newborn babies / Judith Masson and Jonathan Dickens
    Child abuse review. 2014:1-13
  • Safe from the start? An action research project on early intervention materials for children affected by domestic and family violence / Angela Spinney
    Children and society vol. 27 2013: 397-405
  • Safety and risk assessment frameworks : overview and implications for child maltreatment fatalities / Peter J Pecora, Zeinab Chahine and J Christopher Graham
    Child welfare 92(2) 2013: 143-160
  • Sexual abuse of children and youth in residential care : an international review / Margaretha C Timmerman and Pauline R Schreuder
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 715-720
  • The prevalence of child maltreatment across the globe : review of a series of meta-analyses / Marije Stoltenborgh, Marian J Bakermans-Kranenburg, Lenneke R A Alink and M H Van IJzendoorn
    Child abuse review. 2014:1-14
  • The public health approach for understanding and preventing child maltreatment : a brief review of the literature and a call to action / Theresa Covington
    Child welfare 92(2) 2013: 21-39
  • Transnational research on child neglect : progress and future needs / Cathy Spatz Widom
    Child maltreatment 18(1) 2013: 3-7
  • Under-fives child mortality and child abuse-related deaths in the former USSR : is there an under-reporting of abuse-related deaths? / Colin Pritchard and Saalim Mirza
    Child abuse review. 2014:1-12
  • Violence, child prisoners and institutionalised impunity / Barry Goldson
    CJM : criminal justice matters no. 98 Dec 2014: 14-15