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Child abuse and protection: March 2015

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • A cycle of violence? Examining family-of-origin violence, attitudes, and intimate partner violence perpetration / Li Eriksson and Paul Mazerolle
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(6) Mar 2015: 945-964
  • Body mass index and anxiety/depression as mediators of the effects of child sexual and physical abuse on physical health disorders in women / Simon McCarthy-Jones and Roseline McCarthy-Jones
    Child abuse and neglect 38(12) Dec 2014: 2007-2020
  • Child detention : 'never again'
    Justice trends no. 156 Mar 2015: 1-2
  • Child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation : health care needs of victims / Jordan Greenbaum and James E Crawford-Jakubiak
    Pediatrics 135(3) Mar 2015: 1-11
  • Child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church : a review of global perspectives / Karen J Terry
    International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice 39(2) May 2015: 139-154
  • Co-occurrence of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment : service providers' perceptions / Martha L Coulter and Melissa C Mercado-Crespo
    Journal of family violence 30(2) Feb 2015: 255-262
  • Does adolescent's exposure to parental intimate partner conflict and violence predict psychological distress and substance use in young adulthood? A longitudinal study / Miriam Schiff, Maria Plotnikova, Kaeleen Dingle, Gail M Williams, Jake M Najman and Alexandra Clavarino
    Child abuse and neglect 38(12) Dec 2012: 1945-1954
  • Effect of race on the risk of out-of-home placement among children with caregivers who reported domestic violence / Ijeoma Nwabuzor Ogbonnaya
    Journal of family violence 30(2) Feb 2015: 243-254
  • Expertise and child sex offenders / Clare-Ann Fortune, Patrice Bourke and Tony Ward
    Aggression and violent behavior 20(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 33-41
  • Forensic medical evaluations of child maltreatment : a proposed research agenda / Howard Dubowitz, Cindy W Christian, Kent Hymel and Nancy D Kellogg
    Child abuse and neglect 38(11) Nov 2014: 1734-1746
  • McClellan says to learn from psychologists
    Sky news. 31 Mar 2015:[3] p
  • Mothers' self-reported violence toward their children : a multifaceted risk analysis / Kirsi Peltonen, Noora Ellonen, Tarja Poso and Steven Lucas
    Child abuse and neglect 38(12) Dec 2014: 1923-1933
  • 'Packages' of risk : implications for determining the effect of maternal incarceration on child wellbeing / Peggy C Giordano and Jennifer E Copp
    Criminology and public policy 14(1) Feb 2015: 157-168
  • Student perspectives on the reasons for physical violence in a Thai vocational college : an exploratory study / Nualnong Wongtongkam, Paul R Ward, Andrew Day and Anthony H Winefield
    Deviant behavior 36(1/2/3) Jan/Feb/Mar 2015: 187-199
  • Subtypes of exposure to intimate partner violence within a Canadian child welfare sample : associated risks and child maladjustment / Andrea Gonzalez, Harriet L MacMillan, Masako Tanaka, Susan M Jack and Lil Tonmyr
    Child abuse and neglect 38(12) Dec 2014: 1934-1944
  • The determination of victim credibility by adult and juvenile sexual assault investigators / Bradley A Campbell, Tasha A Menaker and William R King
    Journal of criminal justice 43(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 29-39