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Child abuse and protection: April 2015

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Journal articles

  • A better system to protect subsequent kids of parents convicted of murder / Rosemaria Flaherty and Fiona M Arney
    The conversation. 22 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • A critique of current child molester subcategories : a proposal for an alternative approach / William L Marshall, Stephen W Smallbone and Liam E Marshall
    Psychology, crime and law 21(3/4) Apr/May 2015: 205-218
  • Adolescent girls exploited in the sex trade : informativeness and evasiveness in investigative interviews / Johanna Lindholm, Ann-Christin Cederborg and Charlotte Alm
    Police practice and research 16(3) Jun 2015: 197-210
  • Case report : an extreme homicide-suicide by a 12-year-old girl / Emel Sari Gokten and Ali Guven Kilicoglu
    Aggression and violent behavior vol. 21 Mar/Apr 2015: 110-112
  • Child protection and vulnerable families : trends and issues in the Australian context / Elizabeth Fernandez
    Social sciences 3(4) 2014: 785-808
  • Conferred authority strict liability and institutional child sexual abuse
    Sydney law review 37(1) Mar 2015: 112-133
  • Evaluating the Child Abuse and Neglect Institute : does training affect decision-making? / Lorie L Sicafuse, Steve M Wood, Alicia Summers and Alicia DeVault
    Juvenile and family court journal 66(1 Winter) 2015: 1-14
  • Evaluating Towards Healing as an alternative to litigation as redress for survivors of clerical child sexual abuse / Timothy Matthews
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(3) Mar 2015: 333-340
  • Evaluation and innovation in family support services / Robyn Parker and Elly Robinson / Kelly Robinson, Robyn Parker and Australian Institute of Family Studies. Child Family Community Australia
    Practitioner resource (CFCA). Nov 2013:[13] p
  • Sexual offender recidivism among a population-based prison sample / Martin Rettenberger, Peer Briken, Daniel Turner and Reinhard Eher
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(4) Apr 2015: 424-444
  • The impact of Internet Crimes against Children work on relationships with families and friends : an exploratory study / Sarah W Craun, Michael L Bourke and Frances N Coulson
    Journal of family violence 30(3) Apr 2015: 393-402
  • The money problem : reparation and restorative justice in the Catholic Church's Towards Healing Program / Kate Gleeson
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(3) Mar 2015: 317-332
  • The structure of Aboriginal child welfare in Canada / Vandna Sinha and Anna Kozlowski
    International Indigenous policy journal 4(2) 2013: 1-21
  • Triple hanging in filicide-suicide : an unusual case report / C Behera, Ravi Rautji, Asit K Silkary, Rajesh Kumar, Raghvendra K Vidua, Tabin Millo and S K Gupta
    Medicine, science and the law 55(1) Jan 2015: 50-53
  • Variation in criminal justice policy-making : an exploratory study using sex offender registration and community notification laws / Robert Lytle
    Criminal justice policy review 26(3) Apr 2015: 211-233
  • Young children's responses to cross-examination style questioning : the effects of delay and subsequent questioning / Saskia Righarts, Fiona Jack, Rachel Zajac and Harlene Hayne
    Psychology, crime and law 21(3/4) Apr/May 2015: 274-296