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Community safety: February 2014

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Book chapters

Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • An evaluation of a multiyear gun buy-back programme : re-examining the impact on violent crimes / Scott W Phillips, Dae-Young Kim and James J Sobol
    International journal of police science and management 15(3) Autumn 2013: 248-261
  • Assessing sheriff's office emergency and disaster website communications / Philip Matthew Stinson, John Liederbach, L Fleming Fallon and Hans Schmalzried
    Criminal justice studies 27(1) 2014: 4-19
  • Bringing to justice those who try to escape it / Bronwyn Gardiner
    Victoria Police Association journal 80(2) Feb 2014: 14-16
  • Economic man and diffused sovereignty : a critique of Australia's asylum regime / Michael Welch
    Crime, law and social change 61(1) Feb 210: 81-107
  • Forward to the past : reinventing intelligence-led policing in Britain / Adrian James
    Police practice and research 15(1) Feb 2014: 75-88
  • International perceptions of stalking and responsibility : the influence of prior relationship and severity of behavior / Adrian J Scott, Nikki Rajakaruna, Lorraine Sheridan and Emma Sleath
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(2) Feb 2014: 220-236
  • Offenses around stadiums : a natural experiment on crime attraction and generation / Justin Kurland, Shane D Johnson and Nick Tilley
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 51(1) Feb 2014: 5-28