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Community safety: May 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • (Re)negotiating police culture through partnership working : trust, compromise and the 'new' pragmatism / Megan O'Neill and Daniel J McCarthy
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 14(2) Apr 2014: 143-159
  • Abolishing electronic monitoring in Australia / Marietta Martinovic
    CJM : criminal justice matters no. 95 Mar 2014: 16-17
  • Adolescents' fears of violence in transit environments during daily activities / Douglas J Wiebe, Therese S Richmond, Jed Poster, Wensheng Guo, Paul David. Allison and Charles C Branas
    Security journal 27(2) Apr 2014: 226-241
  • Assessing the practice of hot spots policing : survey results from a national convenience sample of local police agencies / Christopher S Koper
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(2) May 2014: 123-146
  • Community policing : Queensland's Police Liaison Officer model
    Journal for women and policing no. 34 Autumn 2014: 26-27
  • Community policing and reassurance : three studies, one narrative / Niall Hamilton-Smith, Simon Mackenzie, Alistair Henry and Catherine Davidones
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 14(2) Apr 2014: 160-178
  • Confidence in the police : variation across groups classified as visible minorities / Jane B Sprott and Anthony N Doob
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice 56(3) Apr 2014: 367-379
  • Control or change? Developing dialogues between desistance research and public protection practices / Beth Weaver
    Probation journal 61(1) Mar 2014: 8-26
  • Coopting the antiviolence movement : why expanding DNA surveillance won't make us safer / Megan Sallomi
    Social justice 39(4) 2014: 97-114
  • Dismantling Woolwich : terrorism 'pure and simple'? / Ross McGarry
    CJM : criminal justice matters no. 95 Mar 2014: 28-29
  • Does self-defense training prevent sexual violence against women? / Jocelyn A Hollander
    Violence against women 20(3) Mar 2014: 252-269
  • Enhanced safety for women will come with research / Heather Nancarrow
    Women's agenda (Private Media). 19 May 2014:[3] p
  • Exposing 'sex' offenders : precarity, abjection and violence in the Canadian federal prison system / Rosemary Ricciardelli and Dale Spencer
    British journal of criminology 54(3) May 2014: 428-448
  • Fear and safety in transit environments from the women's perspective / Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
    Security journal 27(2) Apr 2014: 242-256
  • From object to encounter : aesthetic politics and visual criminology / Alison Young
    Theoretical criminology 18(2) 2014: 159-175
  • Gang participation / Ho Lam (Eva) Yiu and Gary D Gottfredson
    Crime and delinquency 60(4) Jun 2014: 619-642
  • Hot spots policing : what we know and what we need to know / David Weisburd and Cody Telep
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(2) May 2014: 200-220
  • In and around : identifying predictors of theft within and near to major mass underground transit systems / Andrew Newton, Henry Partridge and Andy Gill
    Security journal 27(2) Apr 2014: 132-146
  • Innovating responses to managing risk : exploring the potential of a victim-focused policing strategy / Craig Paterson and Kerry Clamp
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 8(1) 2014: 51-58
  • Listening more and talking less : real-time response to suicidal tweets / Scott Mills and Anne Marie Batten
    RCMP Gazette 76(1) 2014: 16-17
  • Measures of Australia's Progress, 2013 : safety / Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Measures of Australia's progress (MAP) (Australian Bureau of Statistics) no. 2013 2014: v.
  • Offender-target redistribution on a new public transport system / Christopher Sedelmaier
    Security journal 27(2) Apr 2014: 164-179
  • On the epidemic of police killings / Steve Martinot
    Social justice 39(4) 2014: 52-75
  • Open lines of communication : mobile applications bring police, community together / Sigrid Forberg
    RCMP Gazette 76(1) 2014: 34
  • Police foot patrol and crime displacement : a local analysis / Andresen Martin A and Nicolas Malleson
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(2) May 2014: 186-199
  • Protecting rural church-going immigrant women from family violence / Tina U Hancock, Natalie Ames and Andrew O Behnke
    Journal of family violence 29(3) Apr 2014: 323-332
  • Revisiting the gun ownership and violence link : a multilevel analysis of victimization survey data / John van Kesteren
    British journal of criminology 54(1) Jan 2014: 53-72
  • Sports crowd violence : an interdisciplinary synthesis / Ramon Spaaij
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 146-155
  • Street robbery and public bus stops : a case study of activity nodes and situational risk / Timothy C Hart and Terance D Miethe
    Security journal 27(2) Apr 2014: 180-193
  • The relationship between psychometric test scores and reconviction in sexual offenders undertaking treatment / H C Wakeling and G D Barnett
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(2) Mar/Apr 2014: 138-145
  • Trans-Tasman denizens : human rights and (in)security among New Zealand citizens of Samoan origin in Australia / Leanne Weber, Helen McKernan and Helen Gibbon
    Australian journal of human rights 19(3) Dec 2013: 51-77

Web Sites

  • CCTV in Australia Research Project
    , May 2014
    Summary: Please contact Shann Hulme (by phone) 02 6260 9242 or (by email) for more information about how your council can become involved in this important national research project. Every participating council will go into a draw for a chance to receive one of two free registrations to the AIC’s upcoming Crime Prevention and Communities Conferences held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on 10-11 June 2014