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Community safety: August 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A new point of view / Megan Gates
    Security management 58(7) Jul 2014: 26-28
    Summary: Discusses the police officers at the University of Dayton of cameras to document their campus patrol efforts
  • Crime stats provide reality check in Queensland's bikie crackdown / Terry Goldsworthy
    The conversation. 01 Sep 2014:[7, iii] p
  • Federal post-conviction supervision outcomes : arrests and revocations / James L Johnson
    Federal probation 78(1) Jun 2014: 3-11
  • Fighting crime with rugby and referees
    New Zealand Police Association police news 47(7) Aug 2014: 173
  • Firearm homicide and other causes of death in delinquents : a 16-year prospective study / Linda A. Teplin, Jessica A Jakubowski, Karen M. Abram, Nichole D Olson, Marquita L Stokes and Leah J Welty
    Pediatrics 134(1) Jun 2014: 63-73
  • High-ranking police with no experience : a potential disaster
    Police journal (South Australia). Aug 2014:16-18
  • Indigenous Australian gambling crime and possible interventions : a qualitative study / Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing and Ashley Gordon
    Asian journal of gambling issues and public health 3(4) 2013: 16 p
  • Introduction to the special issue on queer/ing criminology : new directions and frameworks / Matthew Ball, Carrie L Buist and Jordan Blair Woods
    Critical criminology 22(1) 2014: 1-4
  • Is the lockout legislation reducing alcohol-fuelled violence on Hindley St?
    Police journal (South Australia). Aug 2014:25
  • Legal narratives as significant news sources about mental illness and violent crime / Meron Wondemaghen
    International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice 38(4) Nov 2014: 343-372
  • Making up gangs : looping, labelling and the new politics of intelligence-led policing / Alistair Fraser and Colin Atkinson
    Youth justice 14(2) Aug 2014: 154-170
  • Mandatory sentences can't deliver justice or stop one-punch killings / John L Anderson
    The conversation. 22 Aug 2014:[4, iii] p
  • Manufacturing a crime wave : the Gold Coast saga / Emily Schindeler and Jacqui Ewart
    Media international Australia no. 151 May 2014: 25-36
  • Neighbourhood safety and area deprivation modify the associations between parkland and psychological distress in Sydney, Australia / Shanley Chong, Elizabeth Lobb, Rabia Khan, Hisham Abu-Rayya, Roy Byun and Bin Jalaludin
    BMC public health 13(422) 2013: 1-9
  • Placing the neighbourhood accessibility-burglary link in social-structural context / Jeffrey T Ward, Matt R Nobles, Tasha J Youstin and Carrie Cook
    Crime and delinquency 60(5) Aug 2014: 739-763
  • The case for improving the health of ex-prisoners / Stuart A Kinner and Emily A Wang
    American journal of public health 104(8) Aug 2014: 1352-1355
  • 'The right people to do the right job...' : legitimation work of municipal corporate security personnel / Kevin Walby, Randy Lippert and Blair Wilkinson
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(2) 2014: 259-275
  • The three Cs of major event security / Chris Plimley
    Intersec : the journal of international security 24(7) Jul/Aug 2014: 26-28
  • The trends on top / Mark Tarallo
    Security management 58(7) Jul 2014: 36-39
    Summary: Discusses security in a high-rise environments
  • The unraveling of public security in the United States : the dark side of police-community co-production / Russell Brewer and Peter Nils Grabosky
    American journal of criminal justice 39(1) 2014: 139-154
  • Training for CBRN / James Milnes
    Intersec : the journal of international security 24(7) Jul/Aug 2014: 30-32
    Summary: Discusses training for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN), the number one list of threat within the UK National Security Strategy
  • Violence, backpackers, security and critical realism / David Botterill, Shane Boris Pointing, Charmaine S Hayes-Jonkers, Alan R Clough, Trevor Jones and Cristina Rodriguez
    Annals of tourism research vol. 42 2013: 311-333
  • What happens to coroners' recommendations for improving public health and safety? Organisational responses under a mandatory response regime in Victoria, Australia / Georgina Sutherland, Celia Kemp, Lyndal Bugeja, Graham Sewell, Jane Pirkis and David M Studdert
    BMC public health 14(732) 2014: 8 p

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