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Community safety: October 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A 'local' response to community problems? A critique of community justice panels / Kerry Clamp
    British journal of community justice 12(2) 2014: 21-34
  • A study of predictors and the extent of web-based crime mapping adoption by a police agency / Kelvin Leong and Stephen C F Chan
    Security journal 27(4) 2014: 421-442
  • An overview of biosecurity in Australia / Michelle Nelson, Paul E Roffey, Dennis McNevin, Chris Lennard and Michelle E Gahan
    Australian journal of forensic sciences 46(4) Dec 2014: 383-396
  • Australian community justice files / Maggie Hall
    British journal of community justice 12(2) Summer 2014: 95-98
  • CCTV upgrades a must / George Tilbury
    WA police news. Oct 2014:8-9
  • College campus meets urban landscape / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 58(9) Sep 2014: 86-95
  • 'Crazed killer' headlines defy facts of crime and mental impairment / Philip D Cummins
    The conversation. 30 Sep 2014:[5] p
  • Crime and sexually oriented businesses / Richard Tewksbury and Eric S McCord
    Security journal 27(4) 2014: 349-360
  • Developing a model and tool to measure community disaster resilience / Paul Arbon
    The Australian journal of emergency management 29(4) Oct 2014: 12-16
  • Developing an evidence base for violent and disablist hate crime in Britain : findings from the Life Opportunities Survey / Eric Emerson and Alan Roulstone
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(17) 2014: 3086-3104
  • Effective gambling regulation is not just 'red tape' / Charles Livingstone
    The conversation. 17 Oct 2014:[4] p
  • Examining risk of escalation : a critical review of the exhibitionistic behavior literature / Matthew R McNally and William J Fremouw
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(5) Sep/Oct 2014: 474-485
  • Hardening physical CNI protection / Michael Miles
    Intersec : the journal of international security 24(8) Sep 2014: 26-28
  • High-ranking police with no experience : a potential disaster / Brett Williams
    New South Wales police news 94(10) Oct 2014: 25-27
  • Male police officers' law enforcement preferences in cases of intimate partner violence versus non-intimate interpersonal violence : do sexist attitudes and empathy matter? / Enrique Gracia, Fernando Garcia and Marisol Lila
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(10) Oct 2014: 1195-1213
  • New parochialism, sources of community investment, and the control of street crime / David M Ramey and Emily A Shrider
    Criminology and public policy 13(2) May 2014: 193-216
  • Restoring public confidence : perceptions of community police officers / Kenneth Wooden and Colin Rogers
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 87(3) 2014: 186-194
  • Sovereign Citizen Movement : a rising threat to law enforcement / Peter McGee
    WA police news. Oct 2014:23
  • Taser where it belongs : on police accoutrement belts / Nick Damiani
    Police journal (South Australia). Oct 2014:26
  • The first pillar of terror : kill one, frighten ten thousand : a critical discussion of the doctrinal shift associated with the 'New Terrorism' / Henry W Prunckun
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 87(3) 2014: 178-185
  • The harassment of Queensland Members of Parliament : a mental health concern / Michele T Pathe, Jane Phillips, Elke Perdacher and Edward B Heffernan
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(4) Aug 2014: 577-584
  • The management of sex offenders in the community : from policy to practice / Andrew Day, Ed Carson, Nadia Boni and Gaynor S Hobbs
    Australian journal of social issues 49(3) 2014: 249-264