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Community safety: February 2015

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Book chapters


Journal articles

  • A day in the life of Michael Barnes, NSW State Coroner / Jane Southward
    LSJ : Law Society of NSW journal vol. 2 Feb 2015: 48-49
  • A prison without walls : alternative incarceration in the late age of social democracy / Victor L Shammas
    Prison service journal no. 217 Jan 2015: 3-9
  • A typology of community violence perpetration and victimization among adults with mental illnesses / Kiersten L Johnson, Sarah L Desmarais, Richard A Van Dorn and Kevin J Grimm
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(3) Feb 2015: 522-540
  • An experimental evaluation on the utility of burglary profiles applied in active police investigations / Bryanna Hahn Fox and David P Farrington
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(2) Feb 2015: 156-175
  • Area and individual differences in personal crime victimization incidence : the role of individual, lifestyle/routine activities and contextual predictors / Andromachi Tseloni and Ken Pease
    International review of victimology 21(1) 2014: 3-29
  • Before firing off on police shootings, put yourself in the shoes of cops facing death / Caroline Marcus
    New South Wales police news 95(2) Feb 2015: 16
  • Beyond the active shooter / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 59(1) Jan 2015: 36-45
  • Drug and alcohol crash risk / Richard Compton and Amy Berning
    Behavioral safety research. Feb 2015:1-11
  • Ebola and bio-terrorism / Lina Kolesnikova
    Intersec : the journal of international security 25(1) Jan 2015: 14-15
  • Economic individualism and punitive attitudes : a cross-national analysis / Ryan Kornhauser
    Punishment and society 17(1) Jan 2015: 27-53
  • Environmental design and crime events / Danielle M Reynald
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 31(1) Feb 2015: 71-89
  • Identification on the street : a field comparison of police street identifications and video line-ups in England / Josh P Davis, Tim Valentine, Amina Memon and Andrew J Roberts
    Psychology, crime and law 21(1/2) Jan/Feb 2015: 9-27
  • If you want to cut crime, you can't ignore the evidence / Janet Ransley
    The conversation. 19 Feb 2015:[4] p
  • Intimate partner homicide : new insights for understanding lethality and risks / Brynn E Sheehan, Sharon B Murphy, Mary M Moynihan, Erin Dudley-Fennessey and Jane G Stapleton
    Violence against women 21(2) Feb 2015: 269-288
  • Mind the gap : theoretical foundations for CCTV / Shane Boris Pointing
    Security solutions magazine no. 87 19 Feb 2014: [3] p
  • Outcomes associated with common and immigrant group-specific responses to intimate terrorism / Julie Yingling, Merry Morash and Juyoung Song
    Violence against women 21(2) Feb 2015: 206-228
  • Public trust in the police in Taiwan : a test of instrumental and expressive models / Ivan Y Sun, Susyan Jou, Charles C Hou and Lennon Yao-Chung Chang
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(1) 2014: 123-140
  • Ready to listen
    Platypus magazine no. 116 Jul/Dec 2014: 4-13
  • Social media supports our cops / Jessica Porter
    WA police news. Feb 2015:18
  • Transit safety
    Security management 59(1) Jan 2015: 16-17
  • Transitional justice and historiography : challenges, dilemmas and possibilities / Jennifer Balint
    Macquarie law journal vol. 13 2014: 147-163