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Community safety: April 2015

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Journal articles

  • A functional shift : building a new model of engagement / Andrew Fisher and Susan Ritchie
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 9(1) 2015: 101-114
  • Alcohol-related emergency department injury presentations in Queensland adolescents and young adults over a 13-year period / Leanne Hides, Jesani Limbong, Kirsten Vallmuur, Ruth Barker, Mark Daglish and Ross McD Young
    Drug and alcohol review 34(2) Mar 2015: 177-184
  • Alcohol-related emergency department injury presentations in young people / Leanne Hides
    Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use (CREMS) newsletter no. 9 2015: 4-6
  • An outcome evaluation of a midwestern prisoner reentry initiative / Brett Garland and Aida Hass
    Criminal justice policy review 26(3) Apr 2015: 293-314
  • An outcome evaluation of a prison-based life-skills program : the power of people / Valerie Clark and Grant Duwe
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(4) Apr 2015: 384-405
  • Are we in the midst of an ice epidemic? A snapshot of meth use in Australia / Nicole K Lee
    The conversation. 08 Apr 2015:[3] p
  • Ballooning surveillance / Timothy Compston
    Intersec : the journal of international security 25(3) Mar 2015: 34-36
  • Breaking down barriers with the usual suspects : findings from a research-informed intervention with police, young people and residents in the west of Scotland / Ross Deuchar, Johanne Miller and Mark Barrow
    Youth justice 15(1) Apr 2015: 57-75
  • Collaborative EOD / Chanan Levin
    Intersec : the journal of international security 25(3) Mar 2015: 30-32
  • Complaints against the New South Wales Police Force : analysis of risks and rights in reported police conduct / Jane Goodman-Delahunty, Alan Beckley and Melissa Martin
    Australian journal of human rights 20(2) Dec 2014: 81-105
  • Crime and place : a longitudinal examination of street segment patterns in Vancouver, BC / Andrea S N Curman, Martin A Andresen and Paul J Brantingham
    Journal of quantitative criminology 31(1) Mar 2015: 127-147
  • Deaths at sea : scant hope for the future from Europe's history of failure on migrants / Sarah Wolff
    The conversation. 23 Apr 2015:[6] p
  • Disgracebook policing : social media and the rise of police indiscretion / Andrew John Goldsmith
    Policing and society 25(3) May 2015: 249-267
  • Does GPS improve recidivism among high risk sex offenders? Outcomes for California's GPS pilot for high risk sex offender parolees / Susan Turner, Alyssa W Chamberlain, Jesse Jannetta and James Hess
    Victims and offenders 10(1) Jan/Mar 2015: 1-28
  • Early pub closing times work for Kings Cross : they will for Queensland too / Peter G Miller
    The conversation. 09 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • Early warning system for temporary crime hot spots / Wilpen L Gorr and YongJei Lee
    Journal of quantitative criminology 31(1) Mar 2015: 25-47
  • Glossing over shoplifting : how thieves act normal / Nicole Lasky, Scott Jacques and Bonnie S Fisher
    Deviant behavior 36(4-6) 2015: 293-309
  • Good news : fatal shootings are now less common in Australia, NZ, Canada and even the US / Samara McPhedran
    The conversation. 16 Apr 2015:[5] p
  • 'Is a 24-hour ban such a bad thing?' Police-imposed banning notices : compatible with human rights or a diminution of due process? / Clare Farmer
    Australian journal of human rights 20(2) Dec 2014: 39-61
  • Navigating the job search after incarceration : the experiences of work-release participants / Andrea Cantora
    Criminal justice studies 28(2) 2015: 141-160
  • NSW election 2015 : Pru Goward sworn in as Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence
    ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 02 Apr 2015:[2] p
  • NT lock-up laws to be challenged
    Koori Mail no. 598 Apr 08: 14
  • Police management of mental health crisis situations in the community : status quo, current gaps and future directions / Fanny De Tribolet-Hardy, Dragana Kesic and Stuart D M Thomas
    Policing and society 25(3) May 2015: 294-307
  • Prisons policy is turning Australia into the second nation of captives / Mirko Bagaric
    The conversation. 10 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • Procedural justice policing and citizen compliance behaviour : the importance of emotion / Julie M Barkworth and Kristina Murphy
    Psychology, crime and law 21(3/4) Apr/May 2015: 254-273
  • Public intoxication in NSW : the contours of criminalisation / Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter
    Sydney law review 37(1) Mar 2015: 1-35
  • Reform and research : re-connecting prison and society in the 21st century / Peter Scharff Smith
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 4(1) 2015: 33-49
  • Riotous or righteous behaviour? Representations of subaltern resistance in the Australian mainstream media / Amanda Porter
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(3) Mar 2015: 289-304
  • State of imprisonment : out one day, back the next in Queensland / Robin T Fitzgerald and Adrian Cherney
    The conversation. 15 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • State of imprisonment : prisoners of NSW politics and perceptions / David Bentley Brown
    The conversation. 21 Apr 2015:[6] p
  • State of imprisonment : Tasmania escapes 'law and order' infection / Rob White
    The conversation. 22 Apr 2015:[6] p
  • The effects of merging proactive CCTV monitoring with directed police patrol : a randomized controlled trial / Eric Piza, Joel M Caplan, Leslie W Kennedy and Andrew Gilchrist
    Journal of experimental criminology 11(1) Mar 2015: 43-69
  • The evidence is in : you can't link imprisonment to crime rates / Bronwyn Naylor
    The conversation. 23 Apr 2015:[5] p
  • The lone terrorist / Lilly Chappa
    Security management 59(3) Mar 2015: 18-21
  • The prediction possibilities / Megan Gates
    Security management 59(3) Mar 2015: 46-52
  • The relationship between aggressive behaviour in prison and violent offending following release / Jessica L Mooney and Michael Daffern
    Psychology, crime and law 21(3/4) Apr/May 2015: 314-329
  • Victorian prisons most violent in Australia, data shows / Ashlynne McGhee
    ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 16 Mar 2015:[2] p
  • You've got - deadly - mail / Jason Wakefield
    Intersec : the journal of international security 25(2) Feb 2015: 30-32