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Community safety: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • Access to justice under threat / Joanna Shulman
    LSJ : Law Society of NSW journal vol. 2 May 2015: 24-25
  • Bully for you
    New Zealand Police Association police news 48(4) May 2015: 8-9
  • Can Facebook save Neighbourhood Watch? / Andrew Kelly and Amalie Finlayson
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 88(1) Mar 2015: 65-77
  • Changes in the prevalence and nature of violent crime by youth in Victoria, Australia / Nina Papalia, Stuart D M Thomas, Hannah Ching and Michael Daffern
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 213-223
  • Collaboration improves court safety / Sarah McKenzie
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:24-27
  • Community norms, procedural justice, and the public's perceptions of police legitimacy / Emma Antrobus, Ben Bradford, Kristina Murphy and Elise Sargeant
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 31(2) May 2015: 151-170
  • Configural behavior settings of crime event locations : toward an alternative conceptualization of criminogenic microenvironments / Timothy C Hart and Terance D Miethe
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 52(3) May 2015: 373-402
  • Examining public willingness-to-pay for burglary prevention / Benjamin F Stickle
    Crime prevention and community safety 17(2) 2015: 120-138
  • Eyewitness identification when 'the perpetrator reminds me of someone I know' / Carmen A Lucas and Neil Brewer
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(1) Feb 2015: 49-59
  • Family violence in the rural landscape / Bridget Harris
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:19-23
  • Fast fight detection / Ismael Serrano Gracia, Oscar Deniz Suarez, Gloria Bueno Garcia and Tae-Kyun Kim
    PLoS ONE 10(4) 2015: 1-19
  • Glossing over shoplifting : how thieves act normal / Nicole Lasky, Scott Jacques and Bonnie S Fisher
    Deviant behavior 36(4-6) 2015: 293-309
  • Identifying the effect of immigration on homicide rates US cities : an instrumental variables approach / Patrick Schnapp
    Homicide studies 19(2) May 2015: 103-122
  • Inside explosive effects / John Wyatt
    Intersec : the journal of international security 25(4) Apr 2015: 26-28
  • 'It's not really stalking if you know the person' : measuring community attitudes that normalize, justify and minimise stalking / Bronwyn McKeon, Troy E McEwan and Stefan Luebbers
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 291-306
  • No burnout at this coal-face : managing occupational stress in forensic personnel and the implications for forensic and criminal justice agencies / Sally F Kelty and Heidi Gordon
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 22(2) Apr 2015: 273-290
  • NSW ranked 1st in RBT
    New South Wales police news 95(5) May 2015: 15
  • Putting porn in the picture / Maree Crabbe
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:4-9
  • Replicating the violence risk appraisal guide : a total forensic cohort study / Astrid Rossegger, Jerome Endrass, Juliane Gerth and Jay P Singh
    PLoS ONE 9(3) 2015: 1-8
  • Scottish criminal justice : devolution, divergence and distinctiveness / Gerry Mooney, Hazel Croall, Mary Munro and Gill Scott
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 15(2) Apr 2015: 205-224
  • Some findings from an Australian local crime prevention case study / Garner Clancey
    Crime prevention and community safety 17(2) May 2015: 71-87
  • Spatial patterns of crime in Ottawa : the role of universities / Elise LaRue and Martin A Andresen
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice 57(2) Apr 2015: 189-214
  • The party line
    New Zealand Police Association police news 48(4) May 2015: 4-5
  • The price of prevention : the preventative turn in crime policy and its consequences for the role of the state / Rik Peeters
    Punishment and society 17(2) Apr 2015: 163-183
  • Turning wounds into wisdom / Vig Geddes
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:17-18
  • Were cell phones associated with lower crime in the 1990s and 2000s? / Erin A Orrick and Alex R Piquero
    Journal of crime and justice 38(2) Jun 2015: 222-234