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Crime prevention: January 2014

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • A systematic literature review of doorstep crime : are the crime-prevention strategies more harmful than the crime? / Caroline Gorden and Julian Buchanan
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 52(5) Dec 2013: 498-515
  • An evaluation of CCTV in a car park using police and insurance data / Andrew A Reid and Andresen Martin A
    Security journal 27(1) 2014: 55-79
  • An exploratory study of crime risks and the planning process / Garner Clancey, Daren Fisher and Amanda Rutherford
    Crime prevention and community safety 16(1) Feb 2014: 1-19
  • Bikie laws fall foul of law of unintended consequences / Rick Sarre
    The Conversation no. 08 Jan 2014 08 Jan 2014: [4, vii] p
  • Encouraging policy makers and practitioners to make rational choices about programs based on scientific evidence on developmental crime prevention / David P Farrington
    Criminology and public policy 12(2) May 2013: 295-301
  • Enhancing the quality of stakeholder assessments of evidenced-based prevention programs / Abigail A Fagan
    Criminology and public policy 12(2) May 2013: 333-341
  • Enhancing translational knowledge on developmental crime prevention : the utility of understanding expert decision making / Christopher J Sullivan
    Criminology and public policy 12(2) May 2013: 343-351
  • Harm : a neglected concept in criminology, a necessary benchmark for crime-control policy / Letizia Paoli and Victoria Greenfield
    European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice 21(3/4) 2013: 359-377
  • ID scanning, the media and the politics of urban surveillance in an Australian regional city / Darren Palmer, Ian Warren and Peter Miller
    Surveillance and society 9(3) 2012: 293-309
  • Intimate partner violence in the family : considerations for children's safety / Harriet L MacMillan, C Nadine Wathen and Colleen M Varcoe
    Child abuse and neglect 37(12) Dec 2013: 1186-1191
  • Key stakeholder views of venue lockouts in Newcastle and Geelong / Peter G Miller, Darren Palmer, Emma McFarlane and Ashlee Curtis
    Crime prevention and community safety 16(1) Feb 2014: 38-53
  • Long-term effects of the moving to opportunity residential mobility experiment on crime and delinquency / Matthew Sciandra, Lisa Sanbonmatsu, Greg J Duncan, Lisa A Gennetian, Lawrence F Katz, Ronald C Kessler, Jeffrey R Kling and Jens Ludwig
    Journal of experimental criminology 9(4) Dec 2013: 451-489
  • Situational crime prevention at nightclub entrances in Perth, Western Australia : exploring micro-level crime precipitators / Paul Cozens and Shane Grieve
    Crime prevention and community safety 16(1) Feb 2014: 54-70
  • Success or sorrow : the paradoxical view of crime control campaigns in China / Darrell D Irwin and Cecil L Willis
    International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice 38(1) Feb 2014: 63-81
  • The social ecology of public space : active streets and violent crime in urban neighborhoods / Christopher R Browning and Aubrey L Jackson
    Criminology 51(4) Nov 2013: 1009-1043
  • Valuing developmental crime prevention / Matthew Manning, Christine Smith and Ross Homel
    Criminology and public policy 12(2) May 2013: 2013