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Crime prevention: February 2014

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Detection and prevention of financial abuse against elders / Priscilla A Harries, Miranda L Davies, Kenneth J Gilhooly, Mary L M Gilhooly and Deborah Cairns
    Journal of financial crime 21(1) 2014: 84-99
  • Economic man and diffused sovereignty : a critique of Australia's asylum regime / Michael Welch
    Crime, law and social change 61(1) Feb 210: 81-107
  • International perceptions of stalking and responsibility : the influence of prior relationship and severity of behavior / Adrian J Scott, Nikki Rajakaruna, Lorraine Sheridan and Emma Sleath
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(2) Feb 2014: 220-236
  • Organised crime and public sector corruption : a study from Australia / Russell G Smith, Elizabeth Rowe, Tabor Akman and Adam M Tomison
    ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime newsletter 11(1) Jan 2014: 2-3
  • Ready to respond / Jennie McLamb
    Security management 58(1) Jan 2014: 29-36
    Summary: Discusses security officer training, particularly a five-day training program to prepare security officers to deal with workplace violence.
  • The Good Lives Model : new directions for preventative practice with children? / Lucy Wainwright and Claire Nee
    Psychology, crime and law 20(1/2) Jan/Feb 2014: 166-182
  • Unemployment, guardianship and weekday residential burglary / Stewart J. D'Alessio, David Eitle and Lisa. Stolzenberg
    Justice quarterly 29(6) Dec 2012: 919-932
  • Validation and implementation of the Australian Treatment Outcomes Profile in specialist drug and alcohol settings / Anni Ryan, Jennifer Holmes, Vi Hunt, Adrian Dunlop, Kristie Mammen, Rohan Holland, Yvonne Sutton, Doungkamol Sindhusake, Gonzalo Rivas and Nicholas Lintzeris
    Drug and alcohol review 33(1) Jan 2014: 33-42