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Crime prevention: November 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Book chapters

  • Motivations for whistleblowing : personal, private and public interests
    Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014
  • Reporting versus inaction : how much is there, what explains the differences and what to measure
    Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014

Conference Papers

  • Empirical evidence towards appropriate lighting characteristics for pedestrians / Steve Fotios, Biao Yang and Phil Edwards
    Proceedings of CIE 2014 lighting quality and energy efficiency, 23-26 April 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014

Journal articles

  • A cultural lens on family violence / Roshan Bhandary and Rose Byrnes
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 37-40
  • A face in the crowd / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 58(10) Oct 2014: 26-28
  • Chapter 1 : Legal issues facing people experiencing homelessness / Lucy Adams
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 6-8
  • Chapter 2 : Addressing the legal needs of people experiencing homelessness : modelling legal services to help prevent homelessness / Patrick Warner
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 29-30
  • Chapter 4 : The intersection of legal and non-legal issues : legal health checks : early identification of legal issues / Katie Ho
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 41-42
  • Does walkable neighbourhood design influence the association between objective crime and walking? / Sarah Foster, Matthew Knuiman, Karen Villanueva, Lisa Wood, Hayley Christian and Billie Giles-Corti
    International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity vol. 11 2014:
  • From empower to green dot : successful strategies and lessons learned in developing comprehensive sexual violence primary prevention programming / Patricia G Cook-Craig, Phyllis H Millspaugh, Eileen A Recktenwald, Natalie C Kelly, Lea M Hegge, Ann L Coker and Tisha S Pletcher
    Violence against women 20(10) Oct 2014: 1162-1178
  • How to reduce global levels of violence by 50% in the coming 30 years : a brief summary of the First Global Violence Reduction Conference Cambridge (UK), 17/18 September 2014 / Manuel Eisner
    The Criminologist 39(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 41-43
  • Making 'noise' online : an analysis of the Say No to Terror online campaign / Anne Aly, Dana Weimann-Saks and Gabriel Weimann
    Perspectives on terrorism 8(5) Oct 2014: 33-47
  • Perceptions of policing : improving communication in local communities / Andy Bain, Bryan K Robinson and Jim Conser
    International journal of police science and management 16(4) 2014: 267-276
  • Prisons and homelessness : breaking the cycle through the provision of civil legal services / Samantha Sowerwine
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 34-35
  • Reducing crimes by investing in communities / Michelle McDonnell
    Insight no. 11 2014: 23-25
  • Representing human rights : photojournalism and the Alexia Foundation / Erin Jardine
    Human rights defender 23(3) Nov 2014: 16-18
  • Responsibility without legal authority? Tackling alcohol-related health harms through licensing and planning policy in local government / F P Martineau, H Graff, C Mitchell and K Lock
    Journal of public health 36(3) Aug 2014: 435-442
  • Ripe for the chop or the public face of policing? PCSOs and neighbourhood policing in Austerity / Megan O'Neill
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 8(3) 2014: 265-273
  • StreetCare : a case study in homeless consumer participation in law reform and policy advocacy / Louis Schetzer
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 38
  • The impact of using social media data in crime rate calculations : shifting hot spots and changing spatial patterns / Nick Malleson and Martin A Andresen
    Cartography and geographic information science. 2014:1-9
  • Throwing away the key : the ethics of risk assessment for preventive detention schemes : R G Myers Memorial Lecture 2013 / Bernadette McSherry
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(5) Oct 2014: 779-790
  • Tough love : is this a model prison for children? / Eric Allison and Simon Hattenstone
    Guardian (newspaper). 08 November 2014:
  • Unpaid work as an alternative to imprisonment for fine default in Austria and Scotland / Gill McIvor, Carlotta Pirnat and Christian Grafl
    European journal of probation 5(2) 2013: 3-28