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Cybercrime: June 2014

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Book chapters

Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Badgrlz? Exploring sex differences in cyberbullying behaviors / Nadine M Connell, Natalie M Schell-Busey, Allison N Pearce and Pamela Negro
    Youth violence and juvenile justice 12(3) 2014: 209-228
  • Cyber security : risk management / Alexandra Wedutenko
    Internet law bulletin 17(4) May 2014: 74-77
  • Information security in the South Australian real estate industry : a study of 40 real estate organisations / Deepa Mani, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Sameera Mubarak
    Information management and computer security 22(1) 2014: 24-41
  • Lost on the Silk Road : online drug distribution and the 'cryptomarket' / James Martin
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 14(3 Jul) 2014: 351-367
  • Protecting our most vulnerable
    Blueprint no. 1 2014: 18-20
  • US states probe eBay over cyberattack
    Australian. 27 May 2014: