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Cybercrime: July 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • Cops and bloggers : exploring the presence of police culture on the web / Susie Atherton
    Internet journal of criminology. 2012:28 p
  • Cyber experts talk trends / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 58(6) Jun 2014: 30 + [2] p
    Summary: Cybersecurity experts point out that personal information is a profitable commodity for criminals, and IT professionals need to protect their networks throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Debating the term cyber-terrorism : issues and problems / Imran Awan
    Internet journal of criminology. 2014:14 p
  • Defamation, humiliation, and lost reputations : mitigating the damage to women harassed online / Bailey Roese
    Women's rights law reporter 35(2) Winter 2014: 123-143
  • Hacking in high school : cybercrime perpetration by juveniles / Catherine D Marcum, George E Higgins, Melissa L Ricketts and Scott E Wolfe
    Deviant behavior 35(7/9) 2014: 581-591
  • History of success : AFP Identity Crime investigations have provided a consistent series of success / Michael McKay
    Platypus magazine no. 115 Jan/Jun 2014: 12-13
  • Identity unknown?
    Platypus magazine no. 115 Jan/Jun 2014: 4-11
  • Omar al-Hammami : a case study in radicalization / Elena Mastors and Rhea Siers
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(3) May/Jun 2014: 377-388
  • Online victimization of Andaman Jarawa tribal women : an analysis of the 'Human Safari' YouTube videos (2012) and its effects / Debarati Halder and K Jaishankar
    British journal of criminology 54(4) Jul 2014: 673-688
  • The changing face of terrorism in the 21st century : the communications revolution and the virtual community of hatred / Jerrold M Post, Cody McGinnis and Kristen Moody
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(3) May/Jun 2013: 306-334
  • The development and psychometric investigation of the cyberbullying scale / Regan W Stewart, Christopher F Drescher, Danielle J Maack, Chad Ebesutani and John Young
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(12) Aug 2014: 2218-2238