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Cybercrime: August 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A healthy solution
    Security management 58(7) Jul 2014: 34
    Summary: Discusses a hospital network and the security and potential threats around the information security
  • Blurred lines? Responding to 'sexting' and gender-based violence among young people / Anastasia Powell and Nicola Henry
    Children Australia 39(2) 2014: 119-124
  • Crime from the keyboard : organised cybercrime, co-offending, initiation and knowledge transmission / Alice Hutchings
    Crime, law and social change 62(1) Aug 2014: 1-20
  • Criminals cast a wider net / Megan Gates
    Security management 58(8) Aug 2014: 46-53
    Summary: Discusses white collar criminals as sophisticated enemies that threaten governments and businesses
  • Data breach jigsaw / Holly Gilbert Stowell
    Security management 58(8) Aug 2014: 26-29
    Summary: Discusses varying state data breach notification laws
  • 'Fair trade' cocaine and 'conflict-free' opium : the future of online drug marketing / James Martin
    The conversation. 12 Aug 2014:[5, i] p
  • Police and user-led investigations on social media / Daniel Trottier
    Journal of law, information and science 23(1) 2014: 75-96
  • Spearing high net wealth individuals : the case of online fraud and mature age internet users / Nigel Martin and John Rice
    International journal of information security and privacy 7(1) Jan/Mar 2013: 1-15
  • The effects of using identity deception and suggesting secrecy on the outcomes of adult-adult and adult-child or - adolescent online sexual interactions / Emilia Bergen, Julia C Davidson, Anja Schulz, Petya Schuhmann, Ada Johansson, Pekka Santtila and Patrick Jern
    Victims and offenders 9(3) Jul/Sep 2014: 276-298
  • The trends on top / Mark Tarallo
    Security management 58(7) Jul 2014: 36-39
    Summary: Discusses security in a high-rise environments
  • Think before you Tweet : a wise adage, not exclusive to Courtney Love ... / Linda-Jane Vanhear
    Internet law bulletin 17(6) 2014: 122-125