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Domestic and family violence: September 2014

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Journal articles

  • Addressing violence by female partners is vital to prevent or stop violence against women : evidence from the multisite batterer intervention evaluation / Murray A Straus
    Violence against women 20(7) Jul 2014: 889-899
  • Alcohol interventions, alcohol policy and intimate partner violence : a systematic review / Ingrid M Wilson, Kathryn Graham and Angela J Taft
    BMC public health 14(881) 2014: 11 p
  • Australians still trivialise and excuse violence against women / Kristin Diemer and Kim Webster
    The conversation. 17 Sep 2014:[5, xviii] p
  • Coordinated community response components for victims of intimate partner violence : a review of the literature / Ryan C Shorey, Vanessa Tirone and Gregory L Stuart
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(4) Jul/Aug 2014: 363-371
  • Education for ending youth homelessness / Jessica Fielding
    Parity 27(6) Jul 2014: 33-35
  • Effects of a systems change model to respond to patients experiencing partner violence in primary care medical settings / L Kevin Hamberger, Bruce Ambuel, Clare E Guse, Mary Beth Phelan, Marlene Melzer-Lange and Amy Kistner
    Journal of family violence 29(6) Aug 2014: 581-594
  • Emotional abuse / Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Australian social trends. 27 Jun 2014:[14] p
  • Facial disfigurement stigma : a study of victims of domestic assaults with fire in India / L Allen Furr
    Violence against women 20(7) Jul 2014: 783-798
  • Feminism, status inconsistency, and women's intimate partner victimization in heterosexual relationships / Cortney A Franklin and Tasha A Menaker
    Violence against women 20(7) Jul 2014: 825-845
  • Forced marriage : an analysis of legislation and political measures in Europe / Alexia Sabbe, Marleen Temmerman, Eva Brems and Els Leye
    Crime, law and social change 62(2) 2014: 171-189
  • Frames in contestation : gendering domestic violence policies in five Central and Eastern European countries / Andrea Krizsan and Raluca Maria Popa
    Violence against women 20(7) Jul 2014: 758-782
  • Identifying predictors for children witnessing intimate partner violence / Simonne S Nouer, SeeTrail N Mackay, Nathan G Tipton, Ashley C Miller and Pamela D Connor
    Journal of family violence 29(6) Aug 2014: 675-679
  • Intimate partner abuse : cases involving protective order violations versus those that do not / Heather C Melton and Kristjane Nordmeyer
    Open criminology journal (Bentham Open) vol. 7 2014: 1-7
  • Is this our worst serial killer : or is she innocent? / Nikki Barrowclough
    Marie Claire (Yahoo!7 lifestyle). 28 Aug 2014:[7] p
  • Neighborhood characteristics and sexual intimate partner violence against women among low-income, drug-involved New York City residents : results from the IMPACT studies / Victoria Frye, Shannon Blaney, Magdalena Cerda, David Vlahov, Sandro Galea and Danielle C Ompad
    Violence against women 20(7) Jul 2014: 799-824
  • Predictor's of women's same-sex partner violence perpetration / Robert J Milletich, Leslie A Gumienny, Michelle L Kelley and Gabrielle M D'Lima
    Journal of family violence 29(6) Aug 2014: 653-664
  • Similar punishment? Comparing sentencing outcomes in domestic and non-domestic violence cases / Christine E W Bond and Samantha Jeffries
    British journal of criminology 54(5) Sep 2014: 849-872
  • The impact of anger on the intimate partner violence decision-making process / Randall C Nedegaard and Tracy Sbrocco
    Journal of family violence 29(6) Aug 2014: 613-624
  • The narrative of men who murder their partners : how reliable is it? / Rakefet Dilmon and Uri Timor
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(10) Oct 2014: 1125-1149
  • The transformation of pro-violence norms : an integrative review of the literature / Matthew R Lee, Sarah Becker and Graham C Ousey
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(4) Jul/Aug 2014: 340-345
  • Time for domestic violence courts / Rebecca Barrington
    LSJ : Law Society of NSW journal vol. 1 Sep 2014: 20-21
  • To prevent murder-suicide we need to better understand offenders / Samara McPhedran, Li Eriksson and Paul Mazerolle
    The conversation. 17 Sep 2014:[5, i] p