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Domestic and family violence: November 2014

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Journal articles

  • A cultural lens on family violence / Roshan Bhandary and Rose Byrnes
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 37-40
  • Access to justice for family violence victims in Victoria / Janice Watt
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 9-10
  • Addressing adolescent violence / Jo Howard
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Summer/Spring 2014: 24-27
  • Approaching the subject of violence : a response-based approach to working with men who have abused others / Nick Todd, Gillian Weaver-Dunlop and Cindy Ogden
    Violence against women 20(9) Sep 2014: 1117-1137
  • Changing the culture, changing the system / Ken Lay
    Insight no. 11 2014: 34-37
  • Cross-sectional prevalence survey of intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization in Canadian military personnel / Mark A Zamorski and Miriam E Wiens-Kinkaid
    BMC public health 13(1019) 2013: 1-18
  • Domestic violence and homelessness in the Northern Territory / Helen Fabinyi
    Parity 27(9) Oct 2014: 12-13
  • Domestic violence in cultural and religious communities / Yasmin Khan
    CDFVReader 12(2) Jun 2014: 16
  • Engaging evaluation research : reflecting on the process of sexual assault / domestic violence protocol evaluation research / Mavis Morton, Anne Bergen, Sara Crann, Danielle Bader, Melissa Horan and Linzy Bonham
    Gateways : international journal of community research and engagement vol. 7 2014: 1-17
  • Family violence across the life cycle / Kirsty Forsdike, Laura Tarzia, Elizabeth Hindmarsh and Kelsey L Hegarty
    Australian Family Physician 43(11) Nov 2014: 768-774
  • Gender, family functioning, and violence across immigrant generations / Stephanie M Dipietro and Jaclyn Cwick
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 51(6) Nov 2014: 785-815
  • Immigrant women and family violence : will the new exceptions help or hinder victims? / Lauren Gray, Patricia Weiser Easteal and Lorana Bartels
    Alternative law journal 39(3) 2014: 167-171
  • Implications for domestic violence responses in the implementation of 'Taking Responsibility : A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection', the Report of the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry / Katrina Finn
    CDFVReader 12(2) Jun 2014: 3-4
  • Intimate partner violence victimization and household financial strain / Venla Salmi and Petri Danielsson
    Journal of Scandinavian studies in criminology and crime prevention 15(2) 2014: 159-166
  • Launch of Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS) and its research grants / Heather Nancarrow
    CDFVReader 12(2) Jun 2014: 5-6
  • On the pervasiveness of event-specific alcohol use, general substance use, and mental health problems as risk factors for intimate partner violence / Jennifer M Reingle, Wesley G Jennings, Nadine M Connell, Michael S Businelle and Karen Chartier
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(16) Nov 2014: 2951-2970
  • Sexting without consent / Delanie Woodlock
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 28-30
  • Survivor's message on violence / Mez Fisher
    Koori Mail no. 588 05 Nov 2014: 28
  • The association of mental health conditions with employment, interpersonal, and subjective functioning after intimate partner violence / J Gayle Beck, Joshua D Clapp, Jason Jacobs-Lentz, Judiann McNiff, Megan Avery and Shira A Olsen
    Violence against women 20(11) Nov 2014: 1321-1337
  • The scars of financial abuse / Emma Smallwood and Donna Letchford
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 33-36
  • The Social Health Intervention Project (SHIP) : protocol for a randomized controlled clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of a brief motivational intervention for problem drinking and intimate partner violence in an urban emergency department / Karin V Rhodes, Melissa Rodgers, Marilyn Sommers, Alexandra Hanlon and Paul Crits-Christoph
    BMC emergency medicine 14(10) 2014: 1-13
  • The temporal association between substance use and intimate partner violence among women arrested for domestic violence / Gregory L Stuart, Todd M Moore, Sara R Elkins, Timothy J O'Farrell, Jeff R Temple, Susan Ramsey and Ryan C Shorey
    Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 81(4) Aug 2013: 1-18
  • Throwing away a safety net / Mandy McKenzie, Debbie Kirkwood and Danielle Tyson
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 14-19
  • Voices against violence / Delanie Woodlock
    Insight no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 20-23
  • Women's experiences of the processes associated with the Family Court of Australia in the context of domestic violence : a thematic analysis / Donna Roberts, Peter Chamberlain and Paul Delfabbro
    Psychiatry, psychology and law. 06 Nov 2014:18 p