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Domestic and family violence: January 2015

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Journal articles

  • A 10-year analysis of rearrests among a cohort of domestic violence offenders / Tara N Richards, Wesley G Jennings, Elizabeth Tomsich and Angela R Gover
    Violence and victims 29(6) 2014: 887-906
  • A two-way street for alcohol use and partner violence : who's driving it? / Sherry Lipsky, Mary A Kernic, Qian Qiu, Catherine Wright and Deborah S Hasin
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 815-828
  • Asking men about domestic violence and abuse in a family medicine context : help seeking and views on the general practitioner role / K Morgan, E Williamson, M Hester, S Jones and G Feder
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(6) Nov/Dec 2014: 637-642
  • Don't expect 'world first' impact statement to transform sentencing / Kellie Toole and Adam Webster
    The conversation. 19 Jan 2015:[4] p
  • Exploring risk factors for suicidal ideation in a population-based sample of New Zealand women who have experienced intimate partner violence / Pauline Gulliver and Janet Fanslow
    Australian and New Zealand journal of public health 37(6) 2013: 527-533
  • Exploring the indirect effect of preference discrepancy on intimate partner violence / Emma Jaspaert and Geert Vervaeke
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 829-837
  • Family profile of young offenders who abuse their parents : a comparison with general offenders and non-offenders / Lourdes Contreras and Carmen Cano
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 901-910
  • Fatal families : why children are killed in familicide occurrences / Sharon Mailloux
    Journal of family violence 29(8) Nov 2014: 921-926
  • Intimate partner violence and its health impact on ethnic minority women / Jamila K Stockman, Hitomi Hayashi and Jacquelyn C Campbell
    Journal of women's health 24(1) 2015: 1-18
  • Posttraumatic growth in survivors of intimate partner violence : an assumptive world process / Michelle M Lilly
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(2) Jan 2015: 215-231
  • Risk and resiliency factors influencing onset and adolescence-limited commercial and sexual exploitation of disadvantaged girls / Joan A Reid
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 24(5) 2014: 332-344
  • Safe from the start? An action research project on early intervention materials for children affected by domestic and family violence / Angela Spinney
    Children and society vol. 27 2013: 397-405
  • Strengthening positive parenting through intervention : evaluating the Moms' Empowerment Program for women experiencing intimate partner violence / Kathryn H Howell, Laura E Miller, Michelle M Lilly, Viktor Burlaka, Andrew C Grogan-Kaylor and Sandra A Graham-Bermann
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(2) Jan 2015: 232-252
  • The occurrence of female-to-male partner violence among male intimate partner violence offenders mandated to treatment : a brief research report / Cory A Crane, Samuel W Hawes, Dolores Mandel and Caroline J Easton
    Violence and victims 29(6) 2014: 940-951
  • To punish or not to punish? Dealing with death or serious injury of a child or vulnerable adult / Lauren Clayton-Helm
    Journal of criminal law 78(6) Dec 2014: 477-485
  • White Ribbon Day : not violent - not silent / Murray McInnis
    Victorian Bar news no. 155 Winter 2014: 58-59
  • Women victims of violence defending intervention orders : the latest developments in practice and policy in NSW / Alicia Jillard and Julia Mansour
    Alternative law journal 39(4) 2014: 235-240