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Domestic and family violence: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • A parliamentary stand / Vig Geddes and Tim Watts
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:45-46
  • A web-based intervention for abused women : the New Zealand 'isafe' randomised controlled trial protocol / Jane Koziol-McLain, Alain C Vandal, Shyamala Nada-Raja, Denise M Wilson, Karen B Eden, Christine McLean, Terry Dobbs and James Case
    BMC public health 15(56) 2015: 8 p
  • Child and domestic abuse in Indigenous communities 'chronically undisclosed' / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 30 Mar 2015:[4] p
  • Collaboration improves court safety / Sarah McKenzie
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:24-27
  • Companion animal abuse / Ada Conroy
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:34-36
  • Everybody's business / Susi Hamilton
    Uniken. Autumn 2015:12-13
  • Family violence in the rural landscape / Bridget Harris
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:19-23
  • Figuring violence : interrogating homicide data
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:47-48
  • Patterns of misreporting intimate partner violence using matched pairs / Marin R Wenger
    Violence and victims 30(2) 2015: 179-193
  • Patterns of multiple family homicide / Marieke Liem and Ashley Reichelmann
    Homicide studies 18(1) Feb 2014: 44-58
  • Protecting victims of domestic violence : have we got the balance right? / Claire Bessant
    Journal of criminal law 79(2) Apr 2015: 102-121
  • Putting porn in the picture / Maree Crabbe
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:4-9
  • Remote control / Delanie Woodlock
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:37-40
  • Securing fair outcomes for battered women charged with homicide : analysing defence lawyering in 'R v Falls' / Elizabeth A Sheehy, Julie Stubbs and Julia Tolmie
    Melbourne University law review 38(2) 2014: 666-708
  • Survivor-led ethics in multi-agency work / Erin Davis
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:28-33
  • Targeting escalation in reported domestic abuse : evidence from 36,000 callouts / Matthew Bland and Barak Ariel
    International criminal justice review 25(1) Mar 2015: 30-53
  • The female family annihilator : an exploratory study / Hannah Scott and Katie Fleming
    Homicide studies 18(1) Feb 2014: 59-82
  • Turning wounds into wisdom / Vig Geddes
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:17-18
  • Uncovering truths and identifying system failings / Libby Eltringham
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:12-16
  • 'Us' and 'them' : workers as survivors / Lauren Caulfield
    DVRCV Advocate. Autumn/Winter 2015:41-44
  • Women and children's experiences of family violence and homelessness and increased vulnerability within regional and rural areas / Robyn Trainor
    Parity 28(2) Mae 2015: 11-13