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Drugs and crime: January 2014

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • A detailed cost evaluation of a juvenile drug court that follows the juvenile drug court model (16 strategies) / Shannon Carey, Theresa Allen, Tamara Perkins and Mark Waller
    Juvenile and family court journal 64(4) 2013: 1-20
  • Illicit drugs, policing and the evidence-based policy paradigm / Alison Ritter and Kari Lancaster
    Evidence and policy 9(4) Nov 2013: 457-472
  • Legally speaking : drug and alcohol testing of police officers / Graham Wood
    Association news (Police Association of Tasmania). Dec 2013:31-33
  • Patterns of specialization and escalation in the criminal careers of gang and non-gang homicide offenders / Jennifer J Adams and Jesenia M Pizarro
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(2) Feb 2014: 237-255
  • Punishing drug possession in the Magistrates' Courts : time for a rethink / Jenni Ward
    European journal on criminal policy and research 19(4) 2013: 289-307
  • Synthetic cannabinoids : the challenges for policing / Alexandra Gannoni and Sarah Macgregor
    Queensland Police Union journal. Jul 2013:44-51