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Drugs and crime: February 2014

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Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Buying and selling crack : transactions at the retail level and the role of user-sellers / Alberto Oteo Perez, Annemieke Benschop and Dirk Korf
    Journal of drug issues 44(1) Jan 2014: 56-68
  • Cannabis use in a Swiss male prison : qualitative study exploring detainees' and staffs' perspectives / Catherine Ritter, Barbara Broers and Bernice S Elger
    International journal of drug policy 24(6) Nov 2013: 573-578
  • De jure decriminalisation of cannabis use matters : some recent trends from France / Sophie Massin, Maria Patrizia Carrieri and Perrine Roux
    International journal of drug policy 24(6) Nov 2013: 634-635
  • Keeping out of trouble : female crack cocaine dealers in England / Jennifer Fleetwood
    European journal of criminology 11(1) Jan 2014: 91-109
  • Participation in team sports and alcohol and marijuana use initiation trajectories / Nadra Erin Lisha, William D Crano and Kevin L Delucchi
    Journal of drug issues 44(1) Jan 2014: 83-93
  • Reliability in NIBRS reporting of substance use in incidents of intimate partner violence / April Pattavina, David Hirschel and Meaghan Scearbo
    Justice research and policy 15(2) 2013: 21-42
  • 'Surfing the Silk Road' : a study of users' experiences / Marie Claire van Hout and Tim Bingham
    International journal of drug policy 24(6) Nov 2013: 524-529
  • The effects of exposure to violence and victimization across life domains on adolescent substance use / Emily M Wright, Abigail A Fagan and Gillian M Pinchevsky
    Child abuse and neglect 37(11) Nov 2013: 899-909
  • Validation and implementation of the Australian Treatment Outcomes Profile in specialist drug and alcohol settings / Anni Ryan, Jennifer Holmes, Vi Hunt, Adrian Dunlop, Kristie Mammen, Rohan Holland, Yvonne Sutton, Doungkamol Sindhusake, Gonzalo Rivas and Nicholas Lintzeris
    Drug and alcohol review 33(1) Jan 2014: 33-42