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Drugs and crime: April 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • A Workplace Drug Testing Act for Australia / Jason Grant Allen, Jeremy Prichard and Lynden Griggs
    University of Queensland law journal 32(2) 2013: 219-235
  • CLIMATE Schools : combining mental health and drug and alcohol prevention programs / Maree Teesson
    Drug and alcohol research connections. Apr 2014:[7] p
  • Does methamphetamine use increase violent behaviour? Evidence from a prospective longitudinal study / Rebecca McKetin, Dan I Lubman, Jake M Najman, Sharon Dawe, Peter Butterworth and Amanda L Baker
    Addiction 109(5) May 2014: 798-806
  • Evaluating drug law enforcement interventions directed towards methamphetamine in Australia / Alison Ritter, David A Bright and Wendy Gong
    Centre lines. Mar 2013:2-5
  • Experiences with urine drug testing by police among people who inject drugs in Bangkok, Thailand / Kanna Hayashi, Lianping Ti, Jane A Buxton, Karyn Kaplan, Paisan Suwannawong, Evan Wood and Thomas Kerr
    International journal of drug policy 25(2) Mar 2014: 297-302
  • Imprisonment of opioid-dependent people in New South Wales, Australia, 2000-2012 : a retrospective linkage study / Louisa Degenhardt, Sarah Larney, Natasa Gisev, Judy Trevena, Lucy Burns, Jo Kimber, Marian Shanahan, Tony G Butler, Richard P Mattick and Don Weatherburn
    Australian and New Zealand journal of public health 38(2) May 2014: 165-170
  • Incarceration among street-involved youth in a Canadian study : implications for health and policy interventions / John D Omura, Evan Wood, Paul Nguyen, Thomas Kerr and Kora DeBeck
    International journal of drug policy 25(2) Mar 2014: 291-296
  • Meth trap / Ellen Brook
    New Zealand Police Association police news 47(3) Apr 2014: 68-69
  • Offenders as victims : posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder among male prisoners / Natasha Sindicich, Katherine L Mills, Emma L Barrett, Devon Indig, Sandra S Sunjic, Claudia Sannibale, Julia Rosenfeld and Lisa M Najavits
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 25(1) Jan 2014: 44-60
  • Policing methamphetamine problems : a framework for synthesising expert opinion and evaluating alternative policy options / Matthew Manning, Janet Ransley, Christine Smith, Lorraine Mazerolle and Alana Cook
    Journal of public policy 33(3) Dec 2013: 371-396
  • Predictors of drug use in prison among women convicted of violent crimes / Danilo Antonio Baltieri
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 24(2) 2014: 113-128
  • Responsible vendors, intelligent consumers : Silk Road, the online revolution in drug trading / Marie Claire van Hout and Tim Bingham
    International journal of drug policy 25(2) Mar 2014: 183-189
  • The effect of victimization, mental health and protective factors on crime and illicit drug use among homeless young adults / Kimberly A Tyler, Lisa A Kort-Butler and Alexis Swendener
    Violence and victims 29(2) 2014: 348-362
  • Use of Silk Road, the online drug marketplace, in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States / Monica Jane Barratt, Jason A Ferris and Adam R Winstock
    Addiction 109(5) May 2014: 774-783