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Drugs and crime: June 2014

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Book chapters

  • Methamphetamine use, personality traits, and high-risk behaviors
    Springer Science+Business Media, 2013

Journal articles

  • 40 minutes of madness : Strike Force Bluebonnet / Stuart Owen
    Australian police journal 68(2) Jun 2014: 76-83
  • Alcohol, other drugs and prison : before, during and after / David Taylor and Sam Biondo
    Insight no. 8 2013: [4] p
  • Cannabis use and antisocial behavior among youth / Ioana Popovici, Michael T French, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Maclean Johanna C and Olena Antonaccio
    Sociological inquiry 84(1) Feb 2014: 131-162
  • Comparative analysis of recidivism outcomes following drug treatment court in Vancouver, Canada / Julian M Somers, Stefanie N Rezansoff and Akm Moniruzzaman
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(6) Jun 2014: 655-671
  • Engagement with the criminal justice system among opioid-dependent people : a retrospective cohort study / Louisa Degenhardt, Natasa Gisev, Judy Trevena, Sarah Larney, Jo Kimber, Lucy Burns, Don Weatherburn and Marian Shanahan
    Addiction 108(12) Dec 2013: 2152-2165
  • For whom does prison-based drug treatment work? Results from a randomized experiment / Wayne N Welsh, Gary Zajac and Kristofer Bret Bucklen
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 151-177
  • Front-line police perceptions of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder in a Canadian province / Michelle Stewart and Krystal Glowatski
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 87(1) 2014: 17-28
  • Lost on the Silk Road : online drug distribution and the 'cryptomarket' / James Martin
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 14(3 Jul) 2014: 351-367
  • Political protection and the origins of the Gulf Cartel / Carlos Antonio Flores Perez
    Crime, law and social change 61(5) 2014: 517-539
  • The addict as victim : producing the 'problem' of addiction in Australian victims of crime compensation laws / Kate Seear and Suzanne Fraser
    International journal of drug policy. 12 Mar 2014:10 p
  • The connections between substance dependence, offense type, and offense severity / Albert M Kopak, Lisa Vartanian, Norman G Hoffmann and Dana E Hunt
    Journal of drug issues 44(3) Jul 2014: 291-307
  • The Global Burden of Disease projects : what have we learned about illicit drug use and dependence and their contribution to the global burden of disease? / Louisa Degenhardt, Harvey A Whiteford and Wayne D Hall
    Drug and alcohol review 33(1) Jan 2014: 4-12
  • What can circle sentencing courts tell us about drug and alcohol problems affecting Aboriginal communities? / Gail Wallace
    Medical journal of Australia 200(11) 16 Jun 2014: 675-677