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Drugs and crime: October 2014

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • An assessment of an HIV prevention intervention among people who inject drugs in the states of Manipur and Nagaland, India / Prabuddhagopal Goswamia, Gajendra Kumar Medhi, Gregory Armstrong, Maninder Singh Setia, Shajan Mathew, Gay Thongamba, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Bitra George, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Ramesh S Paranjape and Jagadish Mahanta
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 853-864
  • Better methods to collect self-reported alcohol and other drug use data from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians / Kim San Kylie Lee, Tanya Chikritzhs, Edward Wilkes, Dennis Gray, Robin Room and Katherine M Conigrave
    Drug and alcohol review 33(5) Sep 2014: 466-472
  • Cracking drug data / Paul Stokes
    Intersec : the journal of international security 24(8) Sep 2014: 34-36
  • Digital refugees flee via Silk Road to black markets in drugs / James Martin
    The conversation. 10 Oct 2014:[4] p
  • Drug policy and global regulatory capitalism : the case of new psychoactive substances (NPS) / Toby Seddon
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 1019-1024
  • Emerging designer drugs pose real risks / Ken Cornell
    RCMP Gazette no. 76 3: 26
  • Examining the effects of social bonds and shame on drug recovery within an on-line support community / Vanessa H Woodward, Marcos Luis Misis and O Hayden III Griffin
    Deviant behavior 35(10/12) 2014: 938-958
  • Factors associated with the timing and onset of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder : results from the 2007 Australian National Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being / Peter Butterworth, Tim Slade and Louisa Degenhardt
    Drug and alcohol review 33(5) Sep 2014: 555-564
  • Harm reduction and knowledge exchange : a qualitative analysis of drug-related internet discussion forums / Christophe Soussan and Anette Kjellgren
    Harm reduction journal vol. 11 2014: 1-9
  • Imprisoned in the EBI / Henk Van de Bunt
    Newsletter. Centre for Information and Research on Organised Crime vol. 1 Aug 2014: 2
  • Intimate partner violence and reproductive health among methamphetamine-using women in Los Angeles : a qualitative pilot study / Wajidah Abdul-Khabir, Timothy Hall, Aimee-Noelle Swanson and Steven Shoptaw
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 46(4) Sep/Oct 2014: 310-316
  • Key issues in policing 'fake weed' / Alexandra Gannoni and Susan Goldsmid
    Association news (Police Association of Tasmania). Sep 2014:34-35
  • Legislating thresholds for drug trafficking : a policy development case study from New South Wales, Australia / Caitlin Elizabeth Hughes, Alison Ritter and Nicholas Cowdery
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 992-1000
  • Making drug policy together : reflections on evidence, engagement and participation / Marcus Roberts
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 952-956
  • Offending, custody and opioid substitution therapy treatment utilisation among opioid-dependent people in contact with the criminal justice system : comparison of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians / Natasa Gisev, Amy Gibson, Sarah Larney, Jo Kimber, Megan Williams, Anton Clifford, Michael Doyle, Lucy Burns, Tony G Butler, Don J Weatherburn and Louisa Degenhardt
    BMC public health 14(920) 2014: 16 p
  • Pathways between substance use, dependence, offense type, and offense severity / Albert M Kopak and Norman G Hoffmann
    Criminal justice policy review 25(6) Nov 2014: 743-760
  • Patterns of tobacco smoking among illicit drug users in Australia 2001-2010 / Doug Fraser, Coral Gartner and Wayne D Hall
    Drug and alcohol review 33(5) Sep 2014: 534-549
  • Pharmaceutical drug misuse in Australia / Malcolm Dobbin
    Australian prescriber 37(3) Jun 2014: 79-81
  • Social construction and the evidence-based drug policy endeavour / Kari Lancaster
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 948-951
  • 'Spice', 'krypotonite', 'black mamba' : an overview of brand names and marketing strategies of novel psychoactive substances on the web / Ornella Corazza, Giuseppe Valeriani, Franceso Saverio Bersani, John Corkery, Giovanni Martinotti, Giuseppe Bersani and Fabrizio Schifano
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 46(4) Sep/Oct 2014: 287-294
  • The impact of substance abusers' readiness to change on psychological and behavioral functioning / Matthew G Hile and Rita E Adkins
    Addictive behaviors 23(3) 1998: 365-370
  • What is good governance in the context of drug policy? / Nicola Singleton and Jennifer Rubin
    International journal of drug policy 25(5) Sep 2014: 935-941

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