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Drugs and crime: November 2014

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Conference Papers

  • 'Hydro', 'bush weed' and 'synthetic' cannabis : perceptions, prevalence and experience of use among a sample of police detainees
    NCPIC, 2014

Journal articles

  • Chasing a new high
    Department of Corrective Services bulletin no. 668 Jul/Aug 2013: 9
  • Death due to intravenous use of a-pyrrolidinopentiophenone / Kate Sellors, Alison Jones and Betty Chan
    Medical journal of Australia 201(10) 17 Nov 2014: 601-603
  • Driving under the influence among frequent ecstasy consumers in Australia : trends over time and the role of risk perceptions / Allison Jane Matthews, Raimondo Bruno, Paul M Dietze, Kerryn Butler and Lucy Burns
    Drug and alcohol dependence vol. 144 2014: 218-224
  • Drug dealing and manufacturing charges increase in Canberra as police target 'high-end' dealers / Jonathon Gul
    ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). 10 Nov 2014:[2] p
  • Healing and hope in Indigenous communities / Gideon Warhaft
    Of substance 12(3) Nov 2014: 26-27
  • Ice epidemic : fact or fiction? / Vic Rechichi
    Of substance 12(3) Nov 2014: 8-11
  • Law enforcement perceptions of a prescription drug monitoring programme / Sarah E Wixson, Karen Blumenschein, Amie Goodin, George E Higgins, Gennaro F Vito, Jeffery Talbert and Patricia R Freeman
    International journal of police science and management 16(4) 2014: 288-296
  • Methamphetamine use in Melbourne, Australia : baseline characteristics of a prospective methamphetamine-using cohort and correlates of methamphetamine dependence / Brendan Quinn, Mark Stoove, Cerissa Papanastasiou and Paul M Dietze
    Journal of substance use 18(5) 2013: 349-362
  • Offending, drug abuse and life chances : a longitudinal study of a Stockholm birth cohort / Anders Nilsson, Felipe Estrada and Olof Backman
    Journal of Scandinavian studies in criminology and crime prevention 15(2) 2014: 128-142
  • Pathways between substance use, dependence, offense type, and offense severity / Albert M Kopak and Norman G Hoffman
    Criminal justice policy review 25(6) Nov 2014: 743-760
  • Six reasons Australia should pilot 'pill testing' party drugs / Alison Ritter
    The conversation. 12 Nov 2014:[4] p
  • The mirror effect : the rising use of performance and image enhancing drugs / Annie Bleeker
    Of substance 12(3) Nov 2014: 22-25
  • The temporal association between substance use and intimate partner violence among women arrested for domestic violence / Gregory L Stuart, Todd M Moore, Sara R Elkins, Timothy J O'Farrell, Jeff R Temple, Susan Ramsey and Ryan C Shorey
    Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 81(4) Aug 2013: 1-18
  • Violent offending severity among injecting drug users : examining risk factors and issues around classification / Michelle Torok, Shane Darke, Fiona L Shand and Sharlene Kaye
    Addictive behaviors 39(12) Dec 2014: 1773-1778