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Drugs and crime: February 2015

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Journal articles

  • "We are people too" : consumer participation and the potential transformation of therapeutic relations within drug treatment / Jake Rance and Carla Treloar
    International journal of drug policy 26(1) Jan 2015: 30-36
  • Addiction surplus : the add-on margin that makes addictive consumptions difficult to contain / Peter J Adams and Charles Livingstone
    International journal of drug policy no. 26 1: Jan 2015
  • Drug and alcohol crash risk / Richard Compton and Amy Berning
    Behavioral safety research. Feb 2015:1-11
  • Geographic variability in HIV and injection drug use in Ukraine : implications for integration and expansion of drug treatment and HIV care / Nickolas Zaller, Alonya Mazhnaya, Sarah Larney, Zahed Islam, Alyona Shost, Tatiana Prokhorova, Natasha Rybak and Timothy Flanigan
    International journal of drug policy 26(1) Jan 2015: 37-42
  • How do drug market changes affect characteristics of injecting initiation and subsequent patterns of drug use? Findings from a cohort of regular heroin and methamphetamine injectors in Melbourne, Australia / Danielle Horyniak, Mark Stoove, Louisa Degenhardt, Campbell K Aitken, Thomas Kerr and Paul M Dietze
    International journal of drug policy 26(1) Jan 2015: 43-50
  • Indonesian media reinforce death penalty as answer to 'drug crisis' / Kunto Adi Wibowo
    The conversation. 06 Feb 2015:[3] p
  • Landmark findings on long term outcomes of heroin use and treatment / Maree Teesson, Shane Darke and Christina Marel
    Drug and alcohol research connections. Nov 2014:[11] p
  • Medical marijuana programs : implications for cannabis control policy : observations from Canada / Benedikt Fischer, Sharan Kuganesan and Robin Room
    International journal of drug policy 26(1) Jan 2015: 15-19
  • Risk profiles for early adolescents who regularly use alcohol and other drugs compared with older youth / Sarah J MacLean, Jozica J Kutin, David Best, Andrew Bruun and Rachael Green
    Vulnerable children and youth studies 9(1) 2014: 17-27
  • Social desirability and partner agreement of men's reporting of intimate partner violence in substance abuse treatment settings / Andrew J Freeman, Julie A Schumacher and Scott F Coffey
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(4) Feb 2015: 565-579
  • Substance use and risk of death in young offenders : a prospective data linkage study / Stuart A Kinner, Louisa Degenhardt, Carolyn Coffey, Stephen Hearps, Matthew J Spittal, Susan M Sawyer and George C Patton
    Drug and alcohol review 34(1) Jan 2015: 46-50
  • Swift and certain sanctions : is it time for Australia to bring some HOPE into the criminal justice system? / Lorana Bartels
    Criminal law journal 39(1) 2015: 53-66
  • The association of early-life and substance use risks to violent offending among injecting drug users / Michelle Torok, Shane Darke, Sharlene Kaye and Fiona L Shand
    Drug and alcohol review 34(1) Jan 2015: 10-17
  • The nature and extent of child protection involvement among heroin-using mothers in treatment : high rates of reports, removals at birth and children in care / Stephanie Taplin and Richard P Mattick
    Drug and alcohol review 34(1) Jan 2105: 31-37
  • Vital connection
    Platypus magazine no. 116 2014: 14-21