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Drugs and crime: March 2015

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Journal articles

  • A tale of two cities : understanding differences in levels of heroin/crack market-related violence: a two city comparison / Ross Coomber
    Criminal justice review 40(1) Mar 2015: 7-31
  • Changes in the associations of heavy drinking and drug use with intimate partner violence in early adulthood / Alan Feingold, Isaac J Washburn, Stacey S Tiberio and Deborah M Capaldi
    Journal of family violence 30(1) Jan 2015: 27-34
  • Death of a dancer : Annabel Catt's deadly drug mistake / William Allender
    Australian police journal (APJ) 69(1) Mar 2015: 14-17
  • Does substance misuse moderate the relationship between criminal thinking and recidivism? / Michael S Caudy, Johanna B Folk, Jeffrey Stuewig, Alese Wooditch, Andres Martinez, Stephanie Maass, June P Tangney and Faye S Taxman
    Journal of criminal justice 43(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 12-19
  • Down the drain : how wastewater monitors illicit drug use / Wayne D Hall
    Of substance 13(1) Mar 2015: 24-25
  • Drug and alcohol use and treatment for Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous prisoners : demand reduction strategies / Kate Dolan, Ana Rodas and Adam Bode
    International journal of prisoner health 11(1) 2015: 30-38
  • Drug market violence : virtual anarchy, police pressure, predation, and retaliation / Scott Jacques and Andrea Allen
    Criminal justice review 40(1) Mar 2015: 87-99
  • Exploring the drugs/violence nexus among active offenders : contributions from the St Louis School / Timothy Dickinson
    Criminal justice review 40(1) Mar 2015: 67-86
  • Methamphetamine 'facts' : the production of a 'destructive' drug in Australian scientific texts / Nicola Thomson and David Moore
    Addiction research and theory 22(6) 2014: 451-462
  • Offending : drug-related expertise and decision-making / Sharon Casey
    Aggression and violent behavior 20(1) Jan/Feb 2015: 82-91
  • Primary health-care responses to methamphetamine use in Australian Indigenous communities / Sarah J MacLean, Angela Harney and Kerry Arabena
    Australian journal of primary health. 23 Feb 2015:7 p
  • Shoplifting by male and female drug users : gender, agency, and work / Gail A Caputo and Anna King
    Criminal justice review 40(1) Mar 2015: 47-66
  • Shoplifting of everyday products that serve illicit drug uses / Brian T Smith and Ronald V Clarke
    Journal of research in crime and delinquency 52(2) Mar 2015: 245-269
  • Sports stars do take drugs : but not as much as the rest of us / Matthew Dunn
    The conversation. 05 Mar 2015:[5] p
  • Ticking timebomb : why ice could be the new drug scourge of the outback / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 27 Mar 2015:[7] p
  • Trends in intimate partner violence services provided by substance abuse treatment facilities : findings from a national sample / Nicole M Capezza, Emily C Schumacher and Brittney C Brady
    Journal of family violence 30(1) Jan 2015: 85-91
  • Using a narrative framework to understand the drugs and violence nexus / Heith Copes, Andy Hochstetler and Sveinung Sandberg
    Criminal justice review 40(1) Mar 2015: 32-46
  • Using general strain theory to explore the effects of prison victimization experiences on later offending and substance use / Janine M Zweig, Jennifer Yahner, Christy A Visher and Pamela K Lattimore
    Prison journal 95(1) Mar 2015: 84-113