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Drugs and crime: April 2015

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Journal articles

  • Aetiology of coexisting mental health and alcohol and other drug disorders : perspectives of refugee youth and service providers / Miriam Posselt, Nicholas G Procter, Cherrie Galletly and Charlotte de Crespigny
    Australian psychologist 50(2) Apr 2015: 130-140
  • An injecting room worked for heroin. Let's have one to help beat ice / Matt Noffs
    Guardian (newspaper). 31 Mar 2015:[3] p
  • Are we in the midst of an ice epidemic? A snapshot of meth use in Australia / Nicole K Lee
    The conversation. 08 Apr 2015:[3] p
  • Bali Nine : timeline of the convicted Australian drug smugglers' story
    Guardian (newspaper). 26 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • Consequences of intimate partner violence on substance use and depression for women and men / Sara B Simmons, Kelly E Knight and Scott Menard
    Journal of family violence 30(3) Apr 2015: 351-361
  • Drug policy and criminalisation : more harm than good / Ele Morrison
    HIV Australia 13(1) Apr 2015: 34-37
  • Families need to be at centre of 'ice' strategy / Tony Trimingham
    Age. 10 Apr 2015:[3] p
  • Forum told of dangers posed by the drug ice / Christine Howes
    Koori Mail no. 598 08 Apr 2015: 34
  • Gang membership and substance use : guilt as a gendered causal pathway / Donna L Coffman, Chris Melde and Finn-Aage Esbensen
    Journal of experimental criminology 11(1) Mar 2015: 71-95
  • Impacts of surface water diversions for marijuana cultivation on aquatic habitat on four northwestern California watersheds / Scott Bauer, Jennifer Olson, Adam Cockrill, Michael van Hattem, Linda Miller, Margaret Tauzer and Gordon Leppig
    PLoS ONE 10(3) Mar 2015: 1-25
  • Indonesia does need the death penalty to deter drug traffickers / Arie Afriansyah
    The conversation. 27 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • New psychoactive drugs : no easy answer / Geoff Munro and Chris Wilkins
    PolicyTalk / Australian Drug Foundation no. 9 11 Apr 2014: 11 p
  • Recidivism and the 'worst of both worlds' hypothesis : do substance misuse and crime interact or accumulate? / Glenn D Walters
    Criminal justice and behavior 42(4) Apr 2015: 435-451
  • The impact of marijuana policies on youth : clinical, research, and legal update / Seth Ammerman, Sheryl Ryan and William P Adelman
    Pediatrics 135(3) Mar 2015: e669-e785
  • There is no evidence that the death penalty acts as a deterrent / Carolyn Hoyle and Roger Hood
    The conversation. 25 Apr 2015:[4] p
  • Ticking timebomb : why ice could be the new drug scourge of the outback / Helen Davidson
    Guardian (newspaper). 27 Mar 2015:[7] p
  • Vital connection : Australian liaison officers key in global partnerships / Kathy Harris
    RCMP Gazette 77(1) 2015: 20-21
  • 'You see it everywhere, it's just natural' : contextualising the role of peers, family, and neighborhood in initial substance use / Stacia Gilliard-Matthews, Robin Stevens, Madison Nilsen and Jamie Dunaev
    Deviant behavior 36(4/6) 2015: 492-509