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Drugs and crime: May 2015

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Journal articles

  • Drug courts as an alternative to probation for highly recidivistic drug offenders / George B Palermo
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 59(5) May 2015: 447-448
  • Earning a score : an exploration of the nature and roles of heroin and crack cocaine 'user-dealers' / Leah Moyle and Ross Coomber
    British journal of criminology 55(3) May 2015: 534-555
  • Entrapment : clearly misunderstood in the dial-a-dope context / Chris De Sa
    Criminal law quarterly 62(1/2) Apr 2015: 200-208
  • 'It's like working away for two weeks' : the harms associated with young drug dealers commuting from a saturated London drug market / James Windle and Daniel Briggs
    Crime prevention and community safety 17(2) 2015: 105-119
  • Predictors of methamphetamine use among adolescents : findings from a Midwestern sample / Dana L Radatz, Abby L Vandenberg and Lisa L Sample
    Journal of drug issues 45(2) Apr 2015: 100-117
  • 'You see it everywhere, it's just natural' : contextualising the role of peers, family, and neighborhood in initial substance use / Stacia Gilliard-Matthews, Robin Stevens, Madison Nilsen and Jamie Dunaev
    Deviant behavior 36(4/6) 2015: 492-509