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Crimes against the environment: January 2015

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Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed.

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Journal articles

  • Court challenge will test coal mining's climate culpability / Samantha Hepburn
    The conversation. 16 Jan 2015:[4] p
  • Criminalising dissent : anti-protest law is an ominous sign of the times / Brendan Gogarty
    The conversation. 28 Nov 2014:[5] P
  • Green criminology : reflections, connections, horizons / Nigel South
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 3(2) 2014: 5-20
  • Of theory and meaning in green criminology / Avi Brisman
    International journal for crime, justice and social democracy 3(2) 2014: 21-34
  • Pass the parcel : Australia and the vexing issue of a federal nuclear waste repository / Gerry Nagtzaam
    Alternative law journal 39(4) 2014: 246-248
  • Restorative justice intervention in an Aboriginal cultural heritage protection context : conspicuous absences? / Mark Hamilton
    Environmental and planning law journal 31(5) 2014: 352-367
  • The dimensions of a transnational crime problem : the case of iuu fishing / Don Liddick
    Trends in organized crime 17(4) Dec 2014: 290-312
  • The rule of law, the public interest and the management of natural resources in Australia / Douglas Edgar Fisher
    Environmental and planning law journal 31(3) 2014: 151-163