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Evaluation: March 2014

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Book chapters

  • Financial costs and benefits of crime prevention
    Australian Academic Press, 2014

Journal articles

  • A critical analysis of justice reinvestment in the United States and Australia / James Austin and Garry Coventry
    Victims and offenders 9(1) Jan/Mar 2014: 126-148
  • A review of the relationship between sociocultural factors and juvenile psychopathy / Jammie S Rubio, Michelle A Krieger, Emannuel J Finney and Kendell L Coker
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(1) Jan/Feb 2014: 23-31
  • A systematic review of computerised serious educational games about alcohol and other drugs for adolescents / Daniel M Rodriguez, Maree Teesson and Nicola C Newton
    Drug and alcohol review 33(2) Mar 2014: 129-135
  • A systematic review of methamphetamine precursor regulations / Rebecca McKetin, Rachel Sutherland, David A Bright and Melissa M Norberg
    Addiction 106(11) 2011: 1911-1924
  • Alcohol and violence : what really works / Peter G Miller, Nicolas Droste, Sandra Jones and Michael Livingston
    Of substance 12(1) Mar 2014: 16-21
  • An analysis of prisoner reentry and parole risk using COMPAS and traditional criminal history measures / Sheldon X Zhang, Robert E L Roberts and David Farabee
    Crime and delinquency 60(2) Mar 2014: 167-192
  • An evaluation of the HM prison service 'Thinking Skills Programme' using psychometric assessments / Matthew Gobbett and Joselyn Liza Sellen
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(4) Apr 2014: 454-473
  • An exploratory study of the characteristics that prevent youth from completing a Family Violence Diversion Program / Eva Nowakowski and Karen Mattern
    Journal of family violence 29(2) Feb 2014: 143-149
  • Cannabis impaired driving : an evaluation of current modes of detection / Akwasi Owusu-Bempah
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice 56(2) Feb 2014: 219-240
  • Causation of drug abuse and treatment strategy : a comparison of counselors' perceptions of faith-based and secular drug treatment programs / Doris C Chu and Hung-En Sung
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(4) Apr 2014: 496-515
  • Effectiveness of risk-needs-responsivity-based family violence programs with males offenders / Lynn A Stewart, Natalie Gabora, P Randall Kropp and Zina Lee
    Journal of family violence 29(2) Feb 2014: 151-164
  • Evidence and the antisocial behaviour policy cycle / Jon Bannister and Anthony O'Sullivan
    Evidence and policy 10(1) Jan 2014: 77-92
  • Identifying potential challenges to providing emergency advocacy services to male victims of intimate partner violence / Ron Wallace
    Partner abuse : new directions in research, intervention and policy 5(1) 2014: 58-68
  • Impact of Ontario's remedial program for drivers convicted of drinking and driving on substance use and problems / Gina Stoduto, Robert E Mann, Rosely Flam-Zalcman, Justin Sharpley, Bruna Brands, Jennifer Butters, Reginald G Smart, Christine M Wickens, Gabriela Ilie and Rita K Thomas
    Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice 56(2) Feb 2014: 201-217
  • Intangible outcomes from a policy change : using contingent valuation to quantify potential stigma from a cannabis offence / Marian Shanahan and Alison Ritter
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(1) Mar 2014: 59-77
  • It is not just music and rhythm ... : evaluation of a drumming-based intervention to improve the social wellbeing of alienated youth / Simon Faulkner, Lisa Wood, Penny Ivery and Robert Donovan
    Children Australia 37(1) 2012: 31-39
  • National research with jurors on sentences for sexual offenders / Lorana Bartels, Kate Warner and George Zdenkowski
    Judicial officers' bulletin 26(2) Mar 2014: 9-11
  • Outcomes of short course interprofessional training in domestic violence and child protection / Eszter Szilassy, John Carpenter, Demi Patsios and Simon Hackett
    Violence against women 19(11) Nov 2013: 1370-1383
  • Perceptions on the role of evidence : an English alcohol policy case study / Paul Toner, Charlie Lloyd, Betsy Thom, Susanne. MacGregor, Christine Godfrey, Rachel Herring and Jordan Tchilingirian
    Evidence and policy 10(1) Jan 2014: 93-112
  • Predicting future criminal offending in a community-based sample of males using self-reported psychopathy / Michael Vitacco, Craig S Neumann and Dustin Pardini
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(3) Mar 2014: 345-363
  • Prevalence of intimate partner violence across medical and surgical health care settings : a systematic review / Sheila Sprague, J Carel Goslings, Celine Hogentoren, Simone de Milliano, Nicole Simunomic, Kim Madden and Mohit Bhandari
    Violence against women 20(1) Jan 2014: 118-136
  • Prosecutors' recommendations for improving child witness statements about sexual abuse / Kimberlee Shannon Burrows and Martine B Powell
    Policing and society 24(2) Apr 2014: 189-207
  • Self-control and victimization : a meta-analysis / Travis C Pratt, Jillian J Turanovic, Kathleen A Fox and Kevin A Wright
    Criminology 52(1) Feb 2014: 87-116
  • 'Strength and home' intervention to prevent conflict and violence in military couples : pilot findings / Casey T Taft, Jamie Howard, Candice M Monson, Sherry M Walling, Patricia A Resick and Christopher M Murphy
    Partner abuse : new directions in research, intervention and policy 5(1) 2014: 41-57
  • The growth of randomized experiments in policing : the vital few and the salience of mentoring / Anthony A Braga, Brandon C Welsh, Andrew V Papachristos, Cory Schnell and Leigh Grossman
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(1) Mar 2014: 1-28
  • The predictive utility of psychological aggression for intimate partner violence / Katie Lee Salis, Jessica Salwen and K Daniel O'Leary
    Partner abuse : new directions in research, intervention and policy 5(1) 2014: 83-97
  • Using police data to measure children's exposure to neighbourhood violence : a new method for evaluating relations between exposure and mental health / Paul Boxer, Elizabeth Sloan-Power, Eric Piza and Ashley Schappell
    Violence and victims 29(1) 2014: 24-52
  • Which alcohol control strategies do young people think are effective? / De Visser. Richard O, Angie Hart, Charles Abraham, Anjum Memon, Rebecca Graber and Tom Scanlon
    Drug and alcohol review 33(2) Mar 2014: 144-151