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Evaluation: June 2014

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Journal articles

  • An experimental trial of adaptive programming in drug court : outcomes at 6, 12 and 18 months / Douglas B Marlowe, David S Festinger, Karen L Dugosh, Gloria Fox and Ashley Harron
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 129-149
  • Analyzing the influence of micro-level factors on CCTV camera effect / Eric Piza, Joel M Caplan and Leslie W Kennedy
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 237-264
  • Assessing the effectiveness of correctional sanctions / Joshua C Cochran, Daniel P Mears and William D Bales
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 317-347
  • Between a rock and a hard place : false accusations of sexual assault in Australia / Claire Ferguson
    Australian police journal 68(2) Jun 2014: 92-96
  • Crime gun risk factors : buyer, seller, firearm, and transaction characteristics associated with gun trafficking and criminal gun use / Christopher S Koper
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 285-315
  • Detecting domestic violence : Italian validation of revised Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS-2) / Maria Salvina Signorelli, Eleonora Arcidiacono, Giuseppina Musumeci and Santo Di Nuovo
    Journal of family violence 29(4) May 2014: 361-369
  • Evaluation of Operation RESET : an initiative for addressing child sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities / Glenn Mace, Martine B Powell and Mairi Benson
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology. 01 May 2014:22 p
  • Evidence-based risk assessment screening in police custody : the HELP-PC study in London, UK / Iain McKinnon and Don. Grubin
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 8(2) 2014: 174-182
  • Examining the nature and extent of public participation in neighbourhood policing / Karen Bullock and K Sindall
    Policing and society 24(4) Oct 2014: 385-404
  • For whom does prison-based drug treatment work? Results from a randomized experiment / Wayne N Welsh, Gary Zajac and Kristofer Bret Bucklen
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 151-177
  • 'From your first cigarette to your last dyin' day' : the patterning of gang membership in the life-course / David C Pyrooz
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 349-372
  • Individual differences in the deterrence process : which individuals learn (most) from their offending experiences? / Sonja Schulz
    Journal of quantitative criminology 30(2) Jun 2014: 215-236
  • Investigating schizotypy and crime-based reasoning with qualitative method / Dean J Wilkinson, Laura S Caulfield and Timothy Jones
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 53(2) May 2014: 158-172
  • Mentoring programs to affect delinquency and associated outcomes of youth at risk : a comprehensive meta-analytic review / Patrick H Tolan, David B Henry, Peter Lovegrove and Emily Nichols
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 179-206
  • Predictive validity of the AUDIT for hazardous alcohol consumption in recently released prisoners / Emma Thomas, Louisa Degenhardt, Rosa Alati and Stuart A Kinner
    Drug and alcohol dependence vol. 134 Jan 2014: 322-329
  • Securing the border in Bosnia and Herzegovina : an exploratory analysis of the impact of training on officers' knowledge and experiences related to sex trafficking / Lisa R Muftic
    European journal on criminal policy and research 20(2) 2014: 225-241
  • Sustainability of the effects of multisystemic therapy for juvenile delinquents in The Netherlands : effects on delinquency and recidivism / Jessica J Asscher, Maja Dekovic, Desmond Manderson, Sander Van Arum and Dutch MST Cost-Effectiveness Study Group
    Journal of experimental criminology 10(2) Jun 2014: 227-243
  • The rise of the Special Constabulary : are forces getting value for money from their voluntary officers? An empirical study in Avon and Somerset Police / Joe Whittle
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 87(1) 2014: 29-40
  • Translating research into evidence-based practice in juvenile justice : brand-name programs, meta-analysis, and key issues / Brandon C Welsh, Michael Rocque and Peter W Greenwood
    Police practice and research 10(2) Jun 2014: 207-225
  • Understanding study attrition in the evaluation of jail diversion programs for persons with serious mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorders / Annette Crisanti, Brian F Case, Brian L Isakson and Henry J Steadman
    Criminal justice and behavior 41(6) Jun 2014: 772-790
  • When does evidence-based policy turn into policy-based evidence? Configurations, contexts and mechanisms / Holger Strassheim and Pekka Kettunen
    Evidence and policy 10(2) May 2014: 259-277
  • 'When you got friends in low places, you stay low' : social networks and access to resources for female methamphetamine users in low-income suburban communities / Denise Woodall and Miriam Boeri
    Journal of drug issues 44(3) Jun 2014: 321-339