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Evaluation: July 2014

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Journal articles

  • A Nordic evaluation tradition? A look at the peer-reviewed evaluation literature / Steffen Bohni Nielsen and Ditte Marie Winther
    Evaluation 20(3) 2014: 311-331
  • A systematic review and meta-analysis on the effects of European drug treatment programmes on reoffending / Johann A Koehler, David K Humphreys and Thomas D Akoensi
    Psychology, crime and law 20(5/6) Jun/Jul 2014: 584-602
  • A systematic review of the association between attributional bias/interpersonal style, and violence in schizophrenia/psychosis / Stephanie T Harris, Clare Oakley and Marco M Picchioni
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(3) May/Jun 2014: 235-241
  • A theoretically informed meta-analysis of the risk for general and violent recidivism for mentally disordered offenders / James L Bonta, Julie Blais and Holly A Wilson
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(3) May/Jun 2014: 278-287
  • Are dangerous offenders different from other offenders? A clinical profile / Ron Langevin and Suzanne Curnoe
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 58(7) Jul 2014: 780-801
  • Does increasing community and liquor licensees' awareness, police activity, and feedback reduce alcohol-related violent crime? A benefit-cost analysis / Hector Jose Navarro, Anthony P Shakeshaft, Christopher M Doran and Dennis J Petrie
    International journal of environmental research and public health 10(11) Nov 2013: 5490-5506
  • Elucidating the factors that influence parole decision-making and violent offenders' performance on parole / Jessica L Mooney and Michael Daffern
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(3) Jun 2014: 385-405
  • Hate crime research : design and measurement strategies for improving causal inference / Donald P Green and Amber D Spry
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(3) 2014: 228-246
  • Mental health diversion courts : a two year recidivism study of a South Australian mental health court program / Loraine Lim and Andrew Day
    Behavioral sciences and the law. 09 Jul 2014:13 p
  • Neurodevelopmental and psychosocial risk factors in serial killers and mass murderers / Clare S Allely, Helen Minnis, Lucy Thompson, Philip Wilson and Christopher Gillberg
    Aggression and violent behavior 19(3) May/Jun 2014: 288-301
  • Pre-sentence mental health service use by adult offenders in Western Australia : baseline results from a longitudinal whole-population cohort study / Nita Sodhi-Berry, David B Preen, Janine Alan, Matthew Knuiman and Vera A Morgan
    Criminal behaviour and mental health 24(3) Jul 2014: 204-221
  • The development and psychometric investigation of the cyberbullying scale / Regan W Stewart, Christopher F Drescher, Danielle J Maack, Chad Ebesutani and John Young
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(12) Aug 2014: 2218-2238
  • The impact of the Victorian infringements system on disadvantaged groups : findings from a qualitative study / Bernadette Saunders
    Australian journal of social issues 49(1) 2014: 45-66
  • The violent true believer as a 'lone wolf': psychoanalytic perspectives on terrorism / J Reid Meloy and Jessica Yakeley
    Behavioral sciences and the law 32(3) May/Jun 2014: 347-365
  • What counts as rape? The effect of offense prototypes, victim stereotypes, and participant gender on how the complainant and defendant are perceived / Blake M McKimmie, Barbara M Masser and Renata Bongiorno
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(12) Aug 2014: 2273-2303