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Evaluation: August 2014

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Journal articles

  • Addressing violence by female partners is vital to prevent or stop violence against women : evidence from the multisite batterer intervention evaluation / Murray A Straus
    Violence against women 20(7) Aug 2014: 889-899
  • Arresting women : pro-arrest policies, debates, and developments / Cheryl Fraehlich and Jane Ursel
    Journal of family violence 29(5) Jul 2014: 507-518
  • Creation and validation of an inmate risk assessment for violent, nonsexual victimization / Ryan M Labrecque, Paula Smith and John D Wooldredge
    Victims and offenders 9(3) Jul/Sep 2014: 317-333
  • Emotional dysregulation and negative affect mediate the relationship between maternal history of child maltreatment and maternal child abuse potential / Ami L Smith, Dorthie Cross, Jennifer Winkler, Tanja Jovanovic and Bekh Bradley
    Journal of family violence 29(5) Jul 2014: 483-494
  • Empirical evaluation of a technology acceptance model for mobile policing / Rachael Lindsay, Thomas W Jackson and Louise Cooke
    Police practice and research 15(5) Oct 2014: 419-436
  • 'I wish the hitting would stop ...' An assessment of a domestic violence education program for elementary students / Thorvald O Dahle and Carol A Archbold
    Journal of interpersonal violence 29(13) Sep 2014: 2497-2508
  • Intimate partner homicide in 10 European countries : statistical data and policy development in a cross-national perspective / Consuelo Corradi and Heidi Stockl
    European journal of criminology 11(5) 2014: 601-618
  • Juvenile Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs) : a qualitative description of current programmes / Anabelle V Doulas and Arthur J Lurigio
    Police journal : theory, practice and principles 87(2) 2014: 114-125
  • Measuring discontinuity in binary longitudinal data : applications to drug use trajectories / Thor Whalen and Miriam Boeri
    Sociological methods & research 43(2) 2014: 248-279
  • Performance audit and the importance of the public debate / Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud
    Evaluation 20(3) 2014: 368-385
  • Rehabilitation and prison social climate : do 'What Works' rehabilitation programs work better in prisons that have a positive social climate? / Richard W Harding
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(2) 2014: 163-175
  • Researcher-practitioner partnerships and crime analysis : a case study in action research / Rob Tillyer, Marie Skubak Tillyer, John McCluskey, Jeffrey Cancino, Joseph Todaro and Layla McKinnon
    Police practice and research 15(5) Oct 2014: 404-418
  • Staff perspectives on juvenile drug court operations : a multi-site qualitative study / Amy A Mericle, Steven Belenko, David S Festinger, Jaymes Fairfax-Columbo and Michael R McCart
    Criminal justice policy review 25(5) 2014: 614-636
  • Supporting Traditional African Mediators Project (STAMP) for family violence / Robin Gregory, John H Bamberg, Teresa Dowd and Lindy Marlow
    Australian and New Zealand journal of family therapy 34(3) Sep 2013: 234-244
  • 'This is about me' : feasibility findings from the children's component of an IPV intervention for justice-involved families / Dania M Ermentrout, Cynthia F Rizo and Rebecca J Macy
    Violence against women 20(6) Jun 2014: 653-676
  • Understanding relationships in culturally complex evaluation contexts / Jill Anne Chouinard
    Evaluation 20(3) 2014: 332-347