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Financial crime: February 2014

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Journal articles

  • Art fraudsters find fresh ways to trap unwary / Jasper Copping
    Sydney Morning Herald. 14 Jan 2014:[2] p
    Summary: Art experts warn of the rapid spread of a new con trick which involves cheaply produced works in the style of great artists being sold by dealers who dishonestly suggest they are genuine
  • Banking on a security upgrade / Holly Gilbert
    Security management 58(2) Feb 2014:
    Summary: Discusses Credit Suisse, a global financial services company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company restructured its approach to security management
  • Corporate fraud as misplaced confidence? Exploring ambiguity in the accuracy of accounts and the materiality of money / Fiona Haines
    Theoretical criminology 18(1) Feb 2014: 20-37
  • Detection and prevention of financial abuse against elders / Priscilla A Harries, Miranda L Davies, Kenneth J Gilhooly, Mary L M Gilhooly and Deborah Cairns
    Journal of financial crime 21(1) 2014: 84-99
  • Financial crime prosecution, legal certainty and exigency of policy : case of Nigeria's EFCC / Tayo Oke
    Journal of financial crime 21(1) 2014: 56-65
  • Is the South African effort toward reducing money laundering optimal? / Bernd Schlenther
    Journal of money laundering control 17(1) 2014: 17-33
  • Money laundering and terrorism financing in virtual environments : a feasibility study / Angela Samantha Maitland Irwin, Jill Slay, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Lin Lui
    Journal of money laundering control 17(1) 2014: 50-75
  • Placebos or panaceas : Anglo-New Zealand experiences of legislative approaches to combatting bribery / Christopher J Newman and Michael Macaulay
    Journal of criminal law 77(6) Dec 2013: 482-496
  • Responding to fraud in the Australian health, pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors : a proposal for reform / Gregor Urbas, Thomas Alured Faunce, Lesley Ann Skillen and Marc Smith
    World review of business research 2(2) Mar 2012: 100-119
  • The FSA, 'credible deterrence', and criminal enforcement - a 'haphazard pursuit'? / Gary Wilson and Sarah Wilson
    Journal of financial crime 21(1) 2014: 4-28
  • The trajectory of white-collar crime following the great economic meltdown / Henry N Pontell and Gilbert Geis
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 30(1) Feb 2014: 70-82
  • Too big to fail, too powerful to jail? On the absence of criminal prosecutions after the 2008 financial meltdown / Henry N Pontell, William K Black and Gilbert Geis
    Crime, law and social change 61(1) 2014: 1-13
  • Virtual money, real crime
    Security management 58(1) Jan 2014: 16-17
    Summary: Discusses digital currencies, also known as e-currencies and crypto-currencies, which are transactions that occur through currency issuers or money exchangers.